18 Interesting Ways to Light up Your Home This Christmas

When the winter months set in, the interior of your home will inevitably look and feel darker. Your attention will be drawn to the quality and use of your lighting and whether it is doing a satisfactory job of making your home feel inviting and relaxing. If you are having guests over this Christmas, this is also a good excuse to brighten the place up and to add some festive lighting to your home. Try out these easy and simple ideas to light up your home this winter.
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1. Add a delightful centerpiece to your dining table by arranging some fairy lights inside a bell jar or vase. You can also make this centrepiece extra festive with a few sprigs of holly and tinsel.

2. Arrange some fairy lights in your (unused) fireplace to give the illusion that you have a burning wood fire. You can mix up the colours of your fairy lights. Picking yellow, red and white to represent flames. There is a variety of styles of fairy lights available in the shops and online today so you can be creative with your empty fireplace.

3. Wrap fair lights and tinsel round the bannister to give a welcoming feel to your home. You could also lay lamenta over different parts of the banister so that the lights reflect off the shimmering surface. Lamenta, if delicately placed, can give the illusion of dripping ice.

4. If you are lucky enough to have real wood fire make sure you make the most of it during the winter months. Not only will it heat the room naturally but it also provides a warm, natural glow. The sound and smell of the burning wood is an instant reminder of Christmas time, so get that fire started and feel the festive spirit take over.

5. Candles are very traditional at Christmas time and create a pleasant ambience to any room, so stock up in time for the holidays. Try filling a bell jar with sand, pebbles, cherries, walnuts and even brussel sprouts. Wedge a thick candle into the middle of your jar for some rustic charm. Choose drip candles and pop them in a finished bottle or wine or whisky, for example, and create a magical accessory for your mantelpiece. Make use of those empty jam jars by using them as a tea light holder. When you have lots of these, it will create a lovely scene. Purchase some Christmas scented candles to fill your home with the aroma of spices and pine.

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6. Add hanging crystals and diamonds (they don’t have to be real) to your ceiling lights and table lamps to make them sparkle and create dancing reflections on the walls. Mirrored baubles and artificial icicles will also produce a similar effect. You could even hang a disco ball from your ceiling to really get into the party spirit.

7. If you are having a Christmas house party, it is a good idea to set up some outdoor lighting to welcome your guests. Wrap fairy lights around your bushes, plants and trees to make them look like outdoor Christmas trees. Hang jars with tea lights inside from tree branches. You may wish to buy some outdoor bamboo lanterns that you can use to line the path to your front door. If your guests are going to spend a long time outside, it might be a nice idea to build a small bonfire surrounded by outdoor chairs so they can keep warm. If you plan to go all out, why not put on a surprise light show for your guests with fireworks and sparklers for the children.

8. Recreate the vibe of an art gallery by adding GU10 Led Lamps lighting under or around your paintings. This technique is especially effective with paintings and pictures in hallways and long rooms. With all the other lighting turned off, this form of lighting will create a simple yet sophisticated effect.

9. Create a Christmas mantelpiece with candles, holly and tinsel. Bookend each end of the mantelpiece with two of your most interesting lamps. This will create an interesting focal point in your living room. Hang baubles, lamenta and artificial icicles from the fireplace for extra effect.

10. Add tealights or light bulbs to the inside of Moroccan style lanterns and dot them in the darker rooms of your house, your conservatory and your garden. Once illuminated from inside, the lanterns cast large, beautiful shadows. This effect can also be achieved with pierced lamp shades on table lamps and ceiling lights.

11. Install a dimmer switch into your family rooms to create warmer, more ambient lighting. Dim the main lights in your rooms to allow the fairy lights and candles to do their magic.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.