3 Reasons to Switch to Artificial Grass

3 Reasons to Switch to Artificial Grass

At this point, most people are well accustomed to artificial grass. It is something you see at the football field, on boats, and covering concrete steps. What most people do not realize is what a great option artificial grass can be for your own lawn. With so many new options in colors, textures and length, artificial grass is a fantastic eco-friendly option for your home.

Save Water and Maintenance

Americans use countless gallons of water on their lawns every year. And on top of that they have to spend their Saturdays mowing the grass and fertilizing. Lawns require a great deal of work and help to get going in the spring, and there is always the fertilizing before winter. You have to be concerned with dead spots and weed uprising; it is never as simple as it looks.

With artificial grass, you are able to avoid watering the lawn altogether and say goodbye to mowing, trimming and fertilizing. When you purchase artificial grass for your lawn you get to choose the exact shade of grass, length and texture; no more neon green astroturf! If you are attempting to practice xeriscaping in your home, artificial lawn is a must. It will allow you to maintain the beautiful green space you love to spend time on, while saving money and being earth-friendly.

Child and Pet Friendly

Artificial grass is a much better option for children and pets than natural grass. This grass is not slippery, like natural grass, creating a much safer environment around a pool. Due to the nature of artificial grass, your dog will not be tempted to dig and pull up the grass like he does with natural grass. Artificial grass also makes cleaning up after said dog much easier. Some artificial grasses are manufactured in the United States and are latex and lead free and 100 percent recyclable. Coming with an anti-microbial technology that prevents mold and mildew, you never have to worry about any maintenance. Some grasses are designed to be “cooler” than others, with new technology they can be manufactured to be 17-30 degrees cooler than other artificial turf.

Eligible Rebates

If you live in the Southwestern United States; artificial grass should be a no-brainer for you. Many states and cities are in drought conditions down there. The ability to maintain that lovely greenspace is becoming more and more difficult with the water shortages. In many of these cities, you are now being offered a rebate to install artificial grass. And, due to the drought conditions, any objects from HOAs are being waived by the city due to the need for more earth-friendly, low-maintenance lawn options. By contacting your cities water authority or city government you can find out whether your local HOA has any objection to artificial grass and look into rebates.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.