3 Reasons You Need a Home with a Porch

Home tastes vary from individual to individual, but no matter how different a person’s home might look, there are similarities with what many people look for. Examples of such would be multiple bedrooms, multiple baths, an open concept that makes a home seem larger and also makes a space easier to entertain in, and a kitchen with top of the line appliances and space enough so that when guests come knocking, the party is rocking.

There is one feature of a home that many don’t understand the value of, though. That’s a porch. Front or back, both are extremely valuable commodities to you and your home. Here’s why:

They’re Great for Entertaining

You may or may not have a spacious home that is able to accommodate a hundred people within its doors…the point is, when the weather is nice, who wants to have to stay indoors? Porches are a space that is perfect for entertaining. Barbeque on the porch or set out a table and play cards underneath the warm summer sky.

You can build them out several different elements such as concrete, different types of wood, or composite that will last a million years in the elements. When you have to deck with the view, you’ll use it every night of the week because your friends won’t want to be anywhere but at your house sipping a beer and taking it all in.

You Can Watch Summer Storms

If you’ve ever lived in a place without a porch, you know how much you wish you had a porch when the summer storms come. In the south, nightly rain and lightening storms are a thing so it’s not uncommon to see everybody out on their porches enjoying the beauty of mother nature. When you don’t have a porch, you miss the action.

If there wasn’t any other reason to have a porch, this reason would be worth it. You’re protected from the rain, but you still get to feel the cool breeze and smell the hypnotizing and refreshing scents unearthed when the skies open up and the rain starts to fall.

You Get Inspired

If you read throughout history, you can probably assume that many of the most amazing passages of poetry were birthed from a front or back porch. Porches are the place where inspiration flows, burdens evaporate, and masterpieces are birthed. If you want to be a more whole person and get in touch with your creative genius side, get yourself a porch and see what happens.

Don’t be surprised when your troubles melt away the moment you sit on rocking chair. You’ll make the best memories of your life on the porch. You’ll connect with God and nature, and you’ll begin to understand the world better. That’s a promise.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.