3 Tips to Create a Minimalistic Kitchen – Modern Kitchen Design Ideas at Its Best

Being an interior designer, I have worked on several kitchen remodeling projects. Some of my clients asked for traditional or country style kitchen. Some opted for modern industrial looks. Many of my clients had been clueless until I showed them some ideas and they found inspiration. But a few months back, I worked for a house that will probably always be etched in my mind. Generally, people prefer to contribute in ideas so that an interior designer gets to know how to incorporate the characteristics into the home décor. But this client of mine, an extremely busy lawyer partner in a renowned law firm in the city, had really no time to research and ponder over the décor. Frankly, she trusted my instinct and gave me complete freedom to work on the interior décor. While designing the kitchen, when I approached her for some inputs, she only said one line, “Graham, do what you wish to do. But make sure whoever sees, says, it is my kitchen, I own it.” This one line was clear how necessary it was to bring in the no-nonsense style of her personality in the kitchen décor, where everything will be organized. Hence, I designed a minimalistic kitchen which is never really small but, was a perfect blend of functionality and contemporary sophistication.

If you are looking for something similar and looking for ideas, have a look what I did to the kitchen.

Shades, Patterns and Lines

Since I was asked to channel the classy and powerful side of her personality in the kitchen décor, I opted for straight lines in the décor scheme. And why not? Only such clear sharp lines can create an impression of power in a kitchen décor. For shades, I gave a thought to grey as well as white. Finally, I end up choosing the white. Since I work closely with a very reputed kitchen cabinet wholesaler, it wasn’t really hard for me to get the right kind of white pristine kitchen cabinetry. The white cleanness added an unmistakable contemporary vibe to the kitchen décor. For breaking the monotony, I added a backsplash of patterned grey tiles which perfectly complemented the kitchen and the design.

Durability and Maintenance

Since it is a minimalistic kitchen, it is obvious that my client was expecting that she will have to spend a very little time and efforts to make the place look clean and perfect. In case of kitchen design, the best way to ensure low maintenance is to choose the most durable materials. For hardware, I chose steel hardware and faucets. I opted for solid wood cabinets to make sure they last longer and never lose the classy sophisticated appeal that only solid wood can bring in. Frankly, such sharp lines with the cabinets that had occupied most of the places in the kitchen could not be created if it was not solid wood.

Focal Point

Creating a focal point in a minimalistic kitchen is quite tricky. In such a kitchen, there is hardly any flaw that needs to be hidden. The purpose of the focal point is solely enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. The house I worked in boasted on a beautiful garden. And fortunately, the kitchen was just beside such a stunning piece of land. So, to create a focal point as well as to add to the minimalistic décor, we ditched the wall for a clear glass wall that made the view spectacular.

After completing the project, my client again said just one line which I will always remember. After taking a tour or the kitchen she said in a satisfied voice, “now this looks like my own space.” So, create your own dream space in your home too. Implement these ideas and if you improvise, don’t forget to leave the ideas in comments.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.