3 Ways to Incorporate Your Wedding Decor into Your New Home

3 Ways to Incorporate Your Wedding Decor into Your New Home

Getting married and moving into your first home together as a married couple is a very exciting thing. With your love being so fresh and all-engrossing, it only makes sense to bring in some of the aspects of your wedding as the decor for your new home together. However, you don’t want your home to look like just an extension of your reception. So to take advantage of all the time and money you spent making your special day the perfect day, here are three ways you can seamlessly incorporate aspects of your wedding day, reception and honeymoon into the decor of your new home.

The New Mr. and Mrs.

Becoming a new Mr. and Mrs. is a theme many couples play up at their wedding and reception. These titles signify a new chapter in your lives—a chapter marked by your wedding vows. If you had any decor at your wedding or reception that played with the ideas of being a “Mr. and Mrs.”, Erin Celletti, a contributor to Brides.com, suggests using the memorabilia to decorate your bedroom or the walls of your home. You could hang them as signs above your bed, pictures on your walls, or as accessories to be placed on end table surfaces. These pieces will serve to remind you of the vows you made and the new role you have with your partner.

Honeymoon Themed Guest Room or Bath

Something that could be very fun for you and your new spouse, and a more subtle way to include aspects of your wedding into your home decor, is to design and decorate either a guest room or bathroom after the place where you spent your honeymoon. Angela of the Blueistyleblog.com suggests drawing upon your honeymoon travels when finishing the decor of these rooms either with color or design pieces. If you know this is your plan while on your honeymoon, you could even select specific pieces to collect at your destination that you will then use in these rooms, helping you to create more memories while on your honeymoon while also reminding you of these days filled with love each time you walk into that room in your new home.

Bottles of Booze

If your wedding was like most, you likely spent a pretty penny on wine and champagne at your reception. Consuming all this alcohol probably left you with a lot of empty bottles that you otherwise would have thrown away or recycled. But with home decor in mind, Kayla Suazo, a contributor to HGTV.com, recommends taking these bottles and up cycling them in your new home. You could use them to make a simple DIY chandelier, as flower vases, or even as votives for candles.

With a little creative thinking and the right design influences, you can take items and memories from your wedding, reception and honeymoon and use them to create a unique and beautiful design aesthetic within your new home. Use the tips mentioned above to give you a few ideas on how to make this happen.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.