3 Ways To Landscape For Increased Home Value

3 Ways To Landscape For Increased Home Value

When thinking about home value, you may believe the structure of your home is all that matters. However, the means by which to boost your value for sale could exist in replacing the roof, doing a kitchen remodel or finishing the basement. All of these endeavors are fairly costly and will do little for your value if you do not consider curb appeal; the trick is in the yard. With proper landscaping offering as much as a 28% boost to your home’s value, it is easy to see why busting out a shovel may be worth it.

First impressions are incredibly critical when trying to sell your home. A glamorous home may sell for thousands less due to a dead or yellow yard. Fortunately, landscaping can be one of the most affordable ways to boost your home value; included here are a few ways to intentionally use landscaping to increase your home’s value.


For many city-dwellers, privacy becomes something they learn to live without. This is why finding secluded back gardens can be of such value to homebuyers. Consider purchasing trees and shrubs that will screen your lot from the street or neighbors. Many shrubs can provide privacy, shade and noise-control simultaneously, and boost your property’s value significantly.

Shade Trees

In any climate, shade cover is considered a valuable asset to the home and yard space and should not be neglected in landscaping. Some cities offer “free tree” incentives to increase the green in the town and prevent erosion, so find out if that is an option for you. Even if free trees are not on the agenda in your town, many fast-growing shade trees can be found for fairly cheap at local nurseries or online.

If your house may be heading to the market sooner or later, consider fast-growing species of trees that could grow up to 5 feet per year. Take into consideration water requirements, root-invasiveness and size at maturity before planting; you don’t want roots in your sewer line and branches against the roof!

Utilize Native Plants

Americans have become obsessed with everything “local,” right down to the plants they are utilizing. In the past, the only considerations made about your garden would be whether the plant was pretty and could live in your zone. Native plant species were typically taken for granted or forgotten.

In recent years, the native plant craze has gained headway as many Americans suffer from drought conditions. Native plants are often one of the best options due to their decreased water consumption and ability to thrive in your area. No other plant will be as hardy to your area’s weather conditions as a native plant.

Consider shopping your local nurseries, or get cuttings and starts from neighbors and friends. Many trees will supply cuttings every few years, and you can easily cut root balls from lilies and other decorative species. This makes landscaping incredibly cost-effective and can make your property beautiful in no time.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.