4 Green Home Improvement Projects Perfect for Summer

4 Green Home Improvement Projects Perfect for Summer

As summer approaches and the days get longer, there are plenty of opportunities to take on home improvement. If you’re looking for projects that will maximize your home’s energy efficiency, look no further that this list of 4 homes greening ideas to keep you busy through the warm months ahead.

1. Plant Trees

Take a look at the sides of your house, any direction but north. What do you see? If there are barren patches of lawn, now is the time to plant some deciduous trees. This is a long term investment, and a reliably green one. Within 5 years, those trees will deflect enough direct sunlight to reduce your air conditioning expenses by almost half.

What’s even better is the effect that planting trees can have on your urban community, where the “heat island” effect can be dramatic. Think of a mall parking lot in the middle of the desert. Exposed asphalt and concrete retains heat and radiates it during the hours of the day when the air should be experiencing its natural cooling phase.

Always check to make sure the species of tree you choose doesn’t have invasive roots, as you don’t want to inadvertently impact water or sewer lines.

2. Build a Clothesline

There are two appliances that suck the vast majority of any household’s energy resources, one is your refrigerator, and the other is your dryer. Installing an outdoor clothes line can make a daily chore more beautiful and natural, and it will save you a bundle on energy costs.

3. Repair Your Roof

Few things can be more costly during the winter months than heating a home. Unfortunately, the elements (especially snow, ice, and hail) can take a regular toll on a roof’s constitution. Damaged roofs can seep hot air, cause structural damage via leaking, and if left for too long, can be costly to replace in their entirety.

This summer, find a reliable roofing company and outsource your roofing repairs during the summer months so that you don’t have any regrets when the snow starts to fall.

4. Start a Rain Garden

When you’re looking for ways to improve your home, it’s wise to focus on weaknesses and disadvantages, and look for ways to morph them into strengths. A rain garden is a great example. While most people consider the rain that runs off their roof a problem (resulting in erosion, flooding, and mold and mildew), those who have rain gardens see that same runoff as a commodity.

This project is particularly easy if you already have plants that like a healthy dose of water, because you can simply divert the endpoint of your storm drain so that it feeds these thirsty plants. If you need recommendations contact the native plant society in your state, they will be happy to help because rain gardens contribute to flood control and help to conserve water.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.