4 Natural Landscaping Features for Every Garden

There are few things in life a homeowner can be prouder of than their own natural garden. Ensuring that each plant receives adequate sunlight, water, and care is a task that very few aspiring gardeners have been able to achieve on the scale of a full backyard.

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Getting started is easy enough. Trim the trees, green the grass, power wash the walls, and add a water feature or two. Then it comes down to adding your own personal touches. Natural features are by far the best addition to any garden. There’s something magical about a carefree style garden that looks like it has always been there, as opposed to the monotony of artificial features.

The added benefit of the occasional visitors from the wild is always great. Your kids will love being able to see birds fly in and out, along with the occasional squirrel or butterfly.


This is naturally the first addition to many gardens and for good reason. There are hundreds if not thousands of different species that take a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from. Flowering perennials are a great start as they are fairly easy to take care of and have unique growth paths.

Ornamental grasses are soft around the edges and do a great job at filling empty spaces. Be sure to stick with native species that support local wildlife and while ensuring a natural look for your garden.


When it comes to creating borders, sectioning off certain areas, creating pathways and adding an overall rugged, naturalistic feel to your garden, stones are the superior choice. Whether you’re getting boulders for water features or pebbles for pathways, they’re generally fairly affordable if you can find the right transport service to get them into your garden.

While you could head out and pick stones yourself, companies such as Kafka Granite offer a variety of landscape stone options for you to choose from. These vary in shape, size, color, and texture, allowing you to mix, match and choose a suitable style for your garden.

Old Rock Sculptures

While this may not be the first item to come to mind when thinking of natural features, stone sculptures or statues work surprisingly well if placed correctly in natural settings. As long the sculpture shows a bit of age through cracks, moss, or general wear and tear, it’ll work wonders for open areas between bushes or in between flower beds.


The king of natural features, vines are extremely versatile and can be placed almost anywhere. Stick them on a wall, tree, trellis or sculpture and allow them to spread naturally throughout your garden, giving it a beautiful layer of green. Once again, it is imperative that you ensure the vines you’re using are native species and won’t be doing anything else in your garden any harm.


Add a couple of chairs, a table, and your favorite lamp and you’re set for a great evening with whoever decides to come over. Your body and mind will thank you for all the greenery, along with the local wildlife.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.