6 Lighting Projects with a Humble Lampshade Frame

At the heart of beautiful interior design is unbeatable craftsmanship. However, the true craftsmanship of an item, its integral structure, is often concealed beneath layers of paint or upholstered in some kind of fabric. Stripping items back to reveal their underlying structures is fast becoming one of the most interesting and unique ways to display otherwise ordinary interior items.

One of the easiest ways to channel this trend is with lighting. Or, more specifically,lampshade frames.

When fabric coverings are removed, the lampshades internal skeleton is revealed, providing a different, less soft light into a space and a fresh perspective on an item that is often overlooked. Consider vintage lampshades, beautifully shaped but often covered in fabric that is at odds with a modern aesthetic. When the fabric is removed, what is left is a beautifully shaped wire structure. Whether left bare, in it’s original wire state or spray-painted to match an interior theme, a dated light fixture can be repurposed into a useable and modern feature.


1) Lampshade Frame Clusters

When spray-painted in various shades and fitted with separate bulbs, an attractive, modern, central light fitting can be created. Aside from physically grouping lampshade frames together, a collection of different frames, varying in size and shape, hung at differing heights can create a unique and arty feature.

2) Twinkle Twinkle

An alternative to the use of a bulb is to intertwine strings of small white lights around the lampshade frame. This will create a softer, less harsh light than that of an ordinary bulb and the smaller lights will act to highlight the structure of the frame itself. Similarly, consider embellishing the frame.

3) Threadbare

One option is to enrobe the individual spokes of the shade in fabric or a similar covering such as coloured thread. This will create an interesting juxtaposition between the more modern, simple frame and its previous fabric covered state while at the same time making it into a bright, colourful feature.

4) Chandelier Frame

For a modern take on the splendour of a crystal chandelier, hang a few individual crystals from the wire frame.The lampshade will have elements of vintage glamour in a much more modern and usable way. Embellishment such as this can create a truly unique and personal feature for a home.

5) Polaroids & Postcards

Consider attaching quirky personalised items such as polaroid photographs or postcards to the frame. This provides not only an interesting talking point in the very centre of a room but is also a different way to display photographs.

6) Childs Play

Frames such as these could even be utilised for a child’s room. When painted in a primary colour or even a pastel and adorned with brightly coloured animals or other shapes frames can be transformed into quirky mobiles to be hung above or even as an interesting alternative to an ordinary light fitting.

Just by stripping back the outer layers of a dated, tired lampshade, a modern, funky feature can be created from something that otherwise would have been discarded. Even modern lampshades can be given a new lease of life purely by removing their outer coverings to reveal the frameworks beneath creating completely unique light fittings in keeping with any design theme.

Written by Ian Holbrook – owner and blogger of Premier Lampshades. We can help if you’re looking for new lampshade frames, or if you searching for more inspiration take a look at our Pinterest Board of Creative Lampshade Frame Ideas. Happy crafting!