7 Stylish Outdoor Decor Ideas

We’ve had an amazing summer this year in the UK, and although the nights are now drawing in, many forecasters are predicting we may well have one last heatwave before the Autumn weather finally hits us.

With that in mind, many homeowners are considering giving their garden spaces a much needed makeover. If this applies to you, perhaps you should take a quick read through this article to pick up some cool design ideas. Hopefully you’ll find something that appeals to you.

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Double Loungers

Proving incredibly popular with modern couples, double sun loungers have seen impressive sales in 2013 so far, suggesting that they could become one of the “must have” accessories for every home. Both durable and functional, this outdoor seating solution can usually be obtained for around £200 – £500 from most garden furniture retailers, depending on the base material. Most people opt for wooden loungers as these will last for a longer period of time.

Stone Fire Tables

Although water features were definitely the most common garden additions during the 1990’s and early 2000’s, today we find that fire features are much more common due to their attractive aesthetic. You might think that these products could be rather dangerous, but in truth, they pass all current safety regulations and are, in fact, very stable when used properly.

Oak Signs

For people with gardens of a considerable size, oak signs are help to create a really cool look. Some people even install them in their front gardens instead of having a plaque on their exterior wall, as this can be a very stylish alternative indeed, sure to make you the envy of your neighbours, friends, and family.

Wicker Furniture & Patio Umbrella

So long as your garden has a flat concrete or cladded area to house them, items of wicker furniture like sofas and chairs can have a huge impact on the overall feel of any space. Adding a pivoting patio umbrella is certain to create a calm and inviting environment of any guests whom you may invite round for a late night outdoor drink.

Illuminated Plant Pots

Sick of them seeing the same old boring garden lights everywhere you go? Well, consider adding some illuminated plant pots to your shopping list, as these provide light whilst also making your garden area look seriously smart. If you visit your local garden accessory retailer or have a quick browse around online, you’ll probably be able to pick up twin pots for around £100, although this price will decrease considerably if you can find second hand products on websites like eBay.

Outdoor Thermometers

More than just your average temperature measurement devices, most modern outdoor thermometers have been designed with style in mind. You can pick up some great clock-shaped products that can be hung from anything stable for around £50, although again, if you’re willing to spend some time searching, it’s more than possible to get them much cheaper. Just be creative.

So there you have it my friends, a quick and simple guide to making your garden more inviting as we head towards early sunsets. I hope you’ve found this of some use.

He is a gardening expert and enthusiast about his home decor and gardening. He writes for a number of online gardening publications and decorating tips on various subjects.