Affordable Heating Oil Keeps Northern Ireland a Warm Place to Live

Affordable Heating Oil Keeps Northern Ireland a Warm Place to Live

The residents of Northern Ireland find that heating oil is a sustainable heating product, as well as a cost-effective fuel, when heating their homes in the wintertime. However, when you are making use of this fuel oil, you also need to play it safe. That means you need to have your boiler regularly checked and serviced annually. Replace the boiler, if required, for reasons of safety as well as energy. You also need to ensure a safe and warm house by making sure you have a carbon monoxide alarm installed.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide, which is referenced as CO scientifically, is an odourless and colourless gas that is a common yet preventable cause of poisoning and death in the world. About 50% of the deaths from CO poisoning result from smoke inhalation during fires. Other reasons for CO poisoning include deaths from vehicle emissions or emissions in commercial or industrial settings. In Ireland alone, approximately two people die yearly from unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning related to domestic heating or oil usage.

Keep Your Boiler Well Maintained to Save Money and to Stay Safe

If you are buying cheap heating oil in Dublin from Super Saver Oil or from another supplier, you need to be safety-conscious as well. Making use of affordable heating oil also means making sure that your boiler is in proper working order and that your family is safe from CO poisoning. Make sure you boiler is serviced regularly and checked by an experienced and certified service engineer. If your boiler has been deemed inefficient in energy usage, then it is time to make an upgrade.

Some Important Statistics

Any boiler that is 15 years old or older may have operated at 80% energy efficiency when it was new. However, over time and because of wear and tear, it probably is only operating at 70% energy efficiency today. Therefore, increasing the operational efficiency of your boiler today means installing a new boiler that operates at an energy efficiency of over 90%. That is the percentage that new boilers are running at. Replacing an older boiler can increase your heating efficiency so that you save as much as 25%.

Condensing Boilers Save Money

Today, if you use your boiler for oil consumption, you need to select a condensing type boiler. Housing standards have determined that condensing boilers are highly energy efficient. They not only use less oil, but also have lower running costs than other kinds of boilers. Higher efficiency levels are possible, as the heat from the fuel is extracted from combustion gases – emissions that otherwise would be lost in the atmosphere.

Save Space with a Combi Boiler

If you need a new heating installation, you also might think about adding a combi boiler. A combi boiler is an energy and heat generator that is able to supply instant hot water and heat whilst saving on space in the home.

The Focus Is on Saving

Regardless of the boiler you choose, make sure your oil provider also has the same commitment to saving you money. Make use of an energy-efficient boiler and contract with an oil supplier that is committed to saving you money as well.

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