Best Way To Money Saving Advice For Your Wedding

Weddings are the most important day in your life and it’s easy to float on cloud nine and plan everything perfect except, everyone has a budget and it’s advisable to plan it and calculate in advance before beginning any of the wedding preparations. There is no need to excessively spend for a perfect wedding, one of the best weddings can be prepared if you plan correctly and follow on these help tips on saving money on various tasks:

Saving on The Venue


To save on the venue it’s best to decide a date after choosing a venue, on some dates you may be able to get discounts while if you are up for a risk then last minute bookings can lead to huge savings. There is no need to waste space, a gorgeous venue might be too huge for your guests, it will not only be a waste of money but the entire hall would look empty, look for something that is appropriate for the number of your guests. Only decorate areas that will be seen more such as the entrance and the hall, you don’t need to waste decor or other passages or balconies overheard which will only be slightly glanced at.

Saving on Food and Drinks


Food and drink items are the biggest expenses thus the fewer your guests are the lower will be the expense, you must go through the list a couple of times and delete any unnecessary aunties living abroad or extra plus ones. You will have a choice between a buffet and sit down meal providing course, it’s best to compare prices of both from different caterers and choose the cheapest options. The time of event can greatly save costs as during night most booze is consumed thus day time weddings or afternoon tea or cocktail party can be your best options. Also try to look deals, buying drinks in bulk can probably save a lot and some vendors even provide free glasses with drinks.

Saving on Invites


Everything is digital nowadays and everyone is online thus why not also take your wedding invites online as well! You will be saving resources thus it’s an attempt to go green and you wouldn’t have to pay for expensive paper, printing and stationary etc. Even more decorative invites can be created online with personalised videos and pictures, a wedding website can be made where guests can RSVP or leave comments and suggestions.

Saving on Bands and Entertainment


You need to research and find out whether your favourite band hired per musician or the entire band, else the less people there are the lower will be the costs and fewer extra expenditure on food. A DJ may cost a lot less then a live band while connecting your iPod to a good sound system can be result in a great party. You also don’t have to have someone specialised, trained new amateur musicians can be great and may charge a lot less thus try them out.

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