Building Your Career in Building and Construction

Building Your Career in Building and Construction

Building and construction is perhaps the largest industry in every nation with Australia not an exception.This very field holds several professional careers, like construction management, construction workers, etc. The construction managers are also known as contractors whose job is coordinating and supervising the process of building and construction. They perform duties, like preparing project contracts, selecting building materials, and so on. Construction workalso involves different types of trades where the specialized workers with a specific type of equipment or material work in the construction of a building.

Bricklaying in Building and Construction

Apart from these professions, bricklaying is one such profession which is very high in demand always. If you really want to make a bright career in building construction, then this can be a very good option for you. Basically, the job of a bricklayer is constructing and repairing walls, chimneys, arches, fireplaces and other decorative walls, etc. They may work under any construction company or may even be self-employed.

Some are of the opinion that this profession doesn’t require any kind of formal training or certifications, only on-site experience will do. However, certification courses, like certificate III in bricklaying, will not only hone your skill further, but will also help you to get better salary as compared to a non-trained bricklayer. Even the employed bricklayers can opt for the courses. And if you have on-site experience along with a certificate or diploma course in bricklaying, you need not have to look back anymore.

Skills Required To Become a Bricklayer

  • You should have decent practical skills
  • You should have the skill to go through plans and understand them
  • You should have the skill of working in an organised and correct way
  • You should be aware of safety issues, especially when working from heights and carrying heavy loads

Duties of a Bricklayer

  • Taking measurement of the working area and setting the initial brick rows
  • Mixing of mortar with hands or with the help of a mixer
  • Laying of the bricks
  • Trimming and giving shape to the required bricks using power tools, hammer and chisel, etc.
  • Boilers and furnace lining and/or relining with the help of acid-resistant bricks
  • Cleaning, restoring, colouring the bricks which are already existing

Certification and Training

There are some construction companies who provide training to its employees. But there are also some companies who prefer recruiting the ones who have already done a certificate or diploma course in bricklaying. But above all, on-site experience is a must to any recruiter.

1. Apprenticeship

This is one of the ways to get employed in a construction company. It includes:

  • Classroom studies
  • Getting trained and supervised by a certified bricklayer (journeyperson) in the company you are recruited.

2. If you are interested in this work of bricklaying or if you are planning to set your career in this field of building and construction, then you can avail these courses in college:

  • Level 1-Award/Certification course in Basic construction skills (Bricklaying)
  • Level 1-Certification course in Construction crafts (Bricklaying)
  • Level 1-Certification course in Building and construction (Brickwork Skills)
  • Level 2- Diploma course in Bricklaying

3. And if you already working, you can opt for these courses:

  • Level 2/3 (NVQ) Diploma course in Trowel occupations
  • Level 3 Diploma course in Bricklaying.

There are several Australian providers of career support services to achieve qualifications in various fields, like mining, health and fitness, beauty, and also building and construction, under which the bricklaying course is also included. They meet the licensing and industry requirements and there is even no need of direct classroom face-to-face study. Also, they are known for coming up with new methods of training every time and are always trying to achieve professional development.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.