Buy Glass Subway Tiles Only From Reputed Online Dealers

The subway tile is a household phenomenon now thanks to the New York City subway system for making these types of interlocking rectangular tiles a very popular tile form. There have been many locals as well as foreign tourists who are awestruck by the beauty and the elegance that these interlocking rectangular patterns of the New York subway system. These tiles were first made out of ceramic and the brick like appearance has really caught the imagination of a lot of homeowners that you will see many homes with this style of tiling in their bathrooms or shower areas or even in their kitchens. But, now glass subway tiles have gained popularity over the ceramic ones and are the most sought after tiles for backsplash areas in most homes now.

Use of Glass Subway Tiles


Glass is now one of the most preferred materials for subway tile by many homeowners as it offers great depth and clarity that cannot be matched with the best of the glazed ceramic tiles. There is also the style quotient and the impressive bright colors that can shine through the glass which makes it a very popular choice for bathroom and shower areas. As it is not affected by excess moisture, glass subway tiles have found homes in many of the bathrooms and kitchen areas in most of the homes. It is not only for the beauty and elegance that the homeowners buy these subway tiles, but the glass tiles also offer better durability and maintenance of these tiles is also quite simple and easy.

Applications of Glass Subway Tiles


Glass subway tiles will be the right and the perfect choice for all sorts of applications.

  • These tiles can be used both indoors as well as outdoors and will surely enhance the look and the beauty of the room in which it is laid.
  • It is best suited to be used in kitchens, bathrooms and swimming pools.
  • There is no doubt that going for glass subway tiles as backsplashes in your kitchen area or in the shower areas is certainly going to enhance the space and to improve the overall look of the room manifold.
  • They provide you the most classic appearance and the design pattern will never be outdated.
  • They will provide a traditional look to your room and will also offer you a contemporary look because of the glass used to make these tiles.

Buying Glass Subway Tiles


The best place to buy glass subway tiles is online. There are quite a lot of online stores on the internet that will offer you the best and widest variety of glass subway tiles at affordable and reasonable prices than what you will find in a brick and a mortar tile store. It is also ideal for you to look at Wholesalers USA stores online when you are planning to buy these subway tiles in bulk quantities as you will be getting the best price offers from these online stores. Visit to get the best deals and the best quality glass subway tiles at affordable prices.

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