Wedding Decoration – Kenne Bunk Community Garden Amazing Ideas to Decorate Your Dream Home & Garden Wed, 07 Jun 2017 13:53:52 +0000 en-US hourly 1 3 Ways to Incorporate Your Wedding Decor into Your New Home Mon, 11 Jul 2016 13:41:41 +0000 Getting married and moving into your first home together as a married couple is a very exciting thing. With your love being so fresh and all-engrossing, it only makes sense to bring in some of the aspects of your wedding as the decor for your new home together. However, you don’t want your home to look like just an extension of your reception. So to take advantage of all the time and money you spent making your special day the perfect day, here are three ways you can seamlessly incorporate aspects of your wedding day, reception and honeymoon into the decor of your new home.

The New Mr. and Mrs.

Becoming a new Mr. and Mrs. is a theme many couples play up at their wedding and reception. These titles signify a new chapter in your lives—a chapter marked by your wedding vows. If you had any decor at your wedding or reception that played with the ideas of being a “Mr. and Mrs.”, Erin Celletti, a contributor to, suggests using the memorabilia to decorate your bedroom or the walls of your home. You could hang them as signs above your bed, pictures on your walls, or as accessories to be placed on end table surfaces. These pieces will serve to remind you of the vows you made and the new role you have with your partner.

Honeymoon Themed Guest Room or Bath

Something that could be very fun for you and your new spouse, and a more subtle way to include aspects of your wedding into your home decor, is to design and decorate either a guest room or bathroom after the place where you spent your honeymoon. Angela of the suggests drawing upon your honeymoon travels when finishing the decor of these rooms either with color or design pieces. If you know this is your plan while on your honeymoon, you could even select specific pieces to collect at your destination that you will then use in these rooms, helping you to create more memories while on your honeymoon while also reminding you of these days filled with love each time you walk into that room in your new home.

Bottles of Booze

If your wedding was like most, you likely spent a pretty penny on wine and champagne at your reception. Consuming all this alcohol probably left you with a lot of empty bottles that you otherwise would have thrown away or recycled. But with home decor in mind, Kayla Suazo, a contributor to, recommends taking these bottles and up cycling them in your new home. You could use them to make a simple DIY chandelier, as flower vases, or even as votives for candles.

With a little creative thinking and the right design influences, you can take items and memories from your wedding, reception and honeymoon and use them to create a unique and beautiful design aesthetic within your new home. Use the tips mentioned above to give you a few ideas on how to make this happen.

Tips for Gifting Flowers Thu, 07 Jul 2016 10:17:27 +0000 Flowers have been popularly used as gifts since a long time. Every flower has a different impact on the receiver. Some evoke feelings of joy, whilst others make the receiver yearn for their loved one and so on. Even today, flowers are among the most popular choices when it comes to gifts.

You can gift either fresh cut or artificial flowers. But ensure you look around and chose according to the person in question. When it comes to artificial blossoms, the best are silk flowers Sydney. Go for elaborate arrangements if trying to surprise a loved one or a simple but eye catching bouquet for a special relative.

Here are some other tips to help make gifting flowers easier:

Think about what the recipient likes:Everyone is different so they have a different taste when it comes to their flower bouquets as well. If you know the person well enough then try to tailor a bouquet or flower arrangements according to their likes.

Colour choices: The colours of the flowers have an important role in the type of flowers you choose. As every colour has a different meaning and conveys a different message, it is vital that you choose the appropriate one. If you gifting the flowers to a person or people from a different culture, make sure you are aware of their specific cultural beliefs and practices before gifting them anything. You want them to be pleased with your gifts, not get offended.

Be spontaneous:Mix them up. If you regularly gift flowers on special occasions then try to mix and give something a little different every time. Add a box of chocolate or their favourite perfume for a thoughtful and stylish gift they can remember you by.

Sending Flowers To Men?

Although it might seem strange to send flowers to men, it is not so. Many men will be happy to receive a brightly coloured bloom or carefully arranged floral arrangement from their loved one. Some tips to keep in mind before gifting a man with flowers are:

  • If the man in your life gifts you with flowers, think about when he sends them like birthdays or date nights so you can return the favour when the time comes. Try to give him something he likes in terms of flower choices and colours.
  • Think about who will be receiving the gift. A lot of men prefer gifts that are practical and something that can be used constantly. Maybe gift a floral bouquet with a novelty pen set or a coffee mug. If he is into gardening, maybe a gardening set with some outdoor plants? Think out of the box.
  • Personalise the bouquet to suit his life and interests. If he is into fashion, maybe add a accessory like a tie or scarf into the floral arrangement. If he likes music, add some of his favourite songs in a cd and wrap that up with the bouquet.
  • Always go for modern designs and choose arrangements with bright colours and different flower mixes to surprise that special man or two in your life.
The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Garden for a Wedding Reception Fri, 24 Oct 2014 10:19:42 +0000 With finances tight for everybody these days, everybody needs to save cash. That is why many people now host their wedding reception in their garden. Doing so can save you loads of money. When you start planning a wedding, you will find that venues are expensive to hire. If you plan to get married during the peak wedding season, many places boost their prices. That means that you could end up spending a huge amount of your budget on the venue. Having a reception in your garden means that you will have to decorate the area. Before you plan your reception, read this guide to help you make the most of your garden.

wedding-gardenImage via Flickr

Seating Arrangements

When you host a wedding reception, you will need proper seating for all your guests. If you have fifty or more guests, you may need to hire some seats and tables for your event. Use a local events company to hire your seats and tables. Often these companies will try and sell you seat covers and tablecloths for your event. Remember, you can get cheap seat covers and tablecloths from a thrift store or a fabric warehouse. All you need is some simple white fabric. That style looks classic for any wedding reception.

Entertainment Systems

If you are planning to have some entertainment at your wedding reception, you should consider getting TVs. When the band is playing, you can set up a live stream to the TV screens so that everybody can see the band. You can do the same thing for your speeches. You will need to install an entertainment system in your yard so that you can protect the TVs when they are on. Try these outdoor TV enclosures to make sure that your electronics are safe.

Flowers and Decorations

When you are decorating your yard for your wedding reception, you should work with the current color scheme in your garden. For example, if you already have loads of daffodils in your garden, you should opt for a yellow theme throughout the event. Working against the things that are already in your garden will make your wedding look tacky. Look for yellow place settings and centerpieces for your tables. That way everything in your yard will match, and it will look great. You can even pick some flowers from your garden to use as extra decoration. Doing so will give your wedding reception a natural, bohemian vibe.

Tents and Coverage

It is vital that you get a large tent for your wedding reception. There is one thing that you can’t predict on your wedding day, and that is the weather. That means that you need to have a sheltered area where people can socialize if the weather is bad. You can hire a large tent from an events company or look for bargain deals online. It is not advisable to try and put the tent up yourself. In the lead up to your wedding, you will have a million things to plan. The last thing you want to worry about is putting up a giant tent.

Balloons and Banners

If you have an outdoor reception, some colorful balloons will create a whimsical atmosphere to the area. You can design individual banners and balloon prints and order them online. Many companies specialize in creating bespoke decorations. That means that you will have total control over the look of your decorations. When choosing pieces for your wedding reception, you should keep to your color theme. Using too many different colors in your decorations will make the event look cheap. Stick to white and one other color when it comes to decorations.

A Useful Guide in Selecting the Best Flowers for a Funeral Wed, 16 Apr 2014 18:15:13 +0000 The death of a loved is definitely a situation not easy to deal with. Death will cause sorrow and pain and the funeral of the deceased will play a significant role in how the people will handle their emotions during the service. Therefore, it is imperative to make some important choices in the funeral ensuring that they will fit the deceased.

The Right Place to Get Funeral Flowers


While a lot of funerals are affiliated with many florists, local funeral homes offer you immediate services at a deal that you can afford. You may choose to buy flowers online to save you the time and energy during this trying time. Florists can also be found by browsing the internet or your phone directory. In fact, there are a lot of informative write-ups are available online to help you with your search.

Setting Up Flowers for a Funeral


Arranging flowers make use of beautiful vases, table top and big bouquets. Flowers can also be set up exactly at the burial site. Flower arrangement at the top of the grave is quite common after the funeral which indicates that recent death of the person and that he will remain loved, remembered and respected.

Different Kinds of Funeral Flowers

Below are some kinds of sympathy flowers that offer condolence and interest along with their representation.

  • Sweet Pea – This flower indicates that the deceased departed in a sweet way. Usually, this is used with women, children or people who lead a quite meaningful and great life or death. The flower also indicates gratitude, pleasure or just a simple goodbye.
  • The Blue Violet – This flower can be offered to the partner of the lost loved one. This wants to declare that despite the death, the partner promises to remain faithful to that loved one until they will see each other again following death. Blue violet represents watchfulness, faithfulness and truthfulness.
  • The Purple Hyacinth – This flower must be represented by people who were not able to ask for an apology to the dead loved one while the latter was still alive. This flower represents sorrow and a forgiveness plea.
  • The Poppy – When this flower is used with just any color, it represents a death declaration and a blessing for the dead individual to rest in peace. It signifies the reality in unconsciousness together with the imagination’s depth that the lost loved one may be dreaming forever.
  • Daisy – While this flower has a happy appeal, this is the right choice for teenagers, children or adults who raved with innocence or lived with quite a pure life. It represents a promise for keeping a secret forever as well as maintaining total loyalty and innocence.
  • Tea Colored Rose – This represents that the lost loved one will be remembered all the time. It is typically used because of its big beautiful shape and smell. Roses are popular choices in the flower arrangement industry.
  • Pink Carnation – This flower signifies that the dead person will always remain in the mind and heart of those he left behind. This declares loving the dead eternally.
Do It with Style by Incorporating Vintage Theme to Your Wedding Wed, 19 Feb 2014 07:25:36 +0000 A wedding is one of the most important occasions in anyone’s life thus, it has to be planned in such a way that it becomes a memorable event and cherished for lifetime. In order to make your day remarkable, a lot of planning is required. Those who want to add an extra flair to their wedding may incorporate classy wedding themes. These are full of creative possibilities, thus adding feel to the entire event. With a little bit of creativity, you can actually make your wedding unforgettable.

London venues can be decorated with several fabulous themes; however, a vintage theme is best suited for a wedding occasion. You can book some classy venues at Vintage means something classy and elite, something which has an old feeling, but is still timeless. Here are few things to keep in mind to include this theme for your wedding:


Bridal Attire

As far as vintage theme for such an occasion is concerned, the most important aspect is the bridal attire. There is no way by which you can depict this concept without an authentic bridal gown. It should be something truly Victorian looking and classic. The first thing to consider before buying any vintage dress is its fit and it should look one of its kinds. It could be even a dress that is passed down through generations. Lace and pearls are some common pieces that add glamour to a vintage dress.

London is a place that admires all traditions and customs of weddings of all communities. Here we talk about a Muslim wedding in which vintage theme plays a great role. As far as their vintage bridal attire goes, they look best in their glittery gowns. The explosion of color and style speaks in a Muslim wedding speaks in itself.

Wedding Decorations

Vintage wedding decorations need to be subtle and a specific era must be chosen to craft the base of the entire decoration. Moreover, it is incomplete without flowers. Classic flower decorations in some pastel shades are perfectly suited for the event. Try to keep things simple, thus avoid the use of large and flashy centerpieces. Anything which is antique can go well with such a theme. As far as decoration for a Muslim wedding goes, it seems to be quite subtle yet classy.


It is a popular choice for couples those who are looking for something different. Vintage invitation designs add a stroke of romance to the celebration. Lace wedding invitations are quite popular when it comes to a classy theme. Another fabulous choice is the printing technique of letterpress. As far as modern printing goes you can use digital printing as well. Ribbons, floral patterns and buttons are few things that can be used for drafting invitations.

Vintage Music

The entire theme seems incomplete without a matching music. For this, you can consult your grandparents for the kind of music played at their wedding time. Those looking for some old church pieces may not be able to find them. The music has to be soft and soothing. If we talk about Muslim weddings then music is a kind of thing which is not allowed in there.

Arranging a vintage theme to your wedding is a fun project as it beholds the intrinsic beauty of the ceremony.

Tips for Styling a Rustic Wedding Tue, 07 Jan 2014 11:10:28 +0000 Decorating your wedding can be difficult, sometimes you might be constrained by your budget other times by your accessibility to certain products. However when it comes to styling a rustic wedding these issues can be easily avoided. The appeal of rustic styled weddings is that they can be wholly decorated with do-it-yourself ideas and still look polished. To inspire your inner wedding stylist we’ve put together a few ideas for decorating your rustic wedding.


Rustic weddings are most commonly associated with notions of romance and the most romantic way to light up your wedding is with candles. Tea light candles are perfect for your rustic wedding, they tie in effortlessly with your theme and are so affordable that you can go a little crazy adding them almost everywhere. Tea light candles look best when they are used to complement a central feature whether that is a floral centrepiece or a collection of larger candles. There are no rules when it comes to laying out candles because thankfully no matter how they are arranged or presented they always look amazing. Candelabras add the perfect touch of drama yet maintaina rustic charm. While varying sizes and colours for candle holders and vases will also look great together on your tables.

rustic wedding-style

Mason Jars

Who doesn’t love a mason jar? Mason jars are perfect for rustic weddings, can be purchased for great prices online and can hold both your flower arrangements and candles. You might decide to stray a little from the norm and instead use your mason jars to display photos of you and your partner.You can even choose to put party favours inside them, like candy. Another clever idea is to put messages for your guests or display meaningful quotes inside your jars. If none of those ideas are for you, you might instead prefer to leave your jar empty and make the jar itself the focal point. To do so you can simply wrap a thin strip of fabric around the jar in a colour matching your theme and then tie a bow around the fabric using either ribbon or twine.

candles table number


Every wedding décor has a place for flowers, rustic weddings especially. Flowers can truly be the focal point for your wedding decorations flower arrangements  and will look fabulous in vintage, shabby chic vases and bottles or even tin buckets. Your flowers can be hung from the ceiling in breathtaking holders or placed on the floor in beautiful wooden plant boxes, the options are truly endless and can be made to suit any budget.

Burlap, Twine and Lace

Adding burlap to your table décor is the perfect way to lay the foundation for your wedding decorations. Use burlap as either a table runner or add it as a cover for your chairs – tied as a ribbon around the chair looks best. Twine can be incorporated into almost every aspect of your wedding décor. It can be tied around your cutlery, your flower arrangements or even your candle holders and vases. Combining burlap with lace or twine with lace is always a winner because the white from the lace breaks up the look and adds a beautiful touch of romance.All three materials are quite affordable and easy to work with.


Another clever idea for rustic weddings is the inclusion of painted wooden or chalk board signs. The DIY signs can be purchased for relatively low prices and can display whatever message you like, truly personalising your wedding reception. The signs might serve a genuine purpose by pointing guests in a certain direction or they can simply display the date, the couple’s names or even a simple fun and quirky quote.


Weddings: A Dummies Guide to Flower Arranging Wed, 18 Dec 2013 06:27:17 +0000 Wedding flowers can be quite a tricky thing to sort, obviously everyone has their own idea of what would look good and our lack of general flower knowledge can shine through when we decide to make the arrangements ourselves. But there is no need to panic as there are some basic tips and tricks you can follow that will leave you feeling a little more accomplished and will teach you the bare basics of simple flower arranging. From the centrepieces to the bouquet, you’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it.



These are the bees knees of the wedding, you will be carrying them from the start all the way to the end of the ceremony, so you need to make sure you get it right. Personal preference has a huge influence on the way you arrange the flowers, if you like bigger and bolder flowers then you need to choose a select few (otherwise the bouquet will be bigger than your head!) and if you like smaller flowers you need to select an array to fill out the space. The bouquet is usually around the same size as a dinner plate, using that as a template to can pin point exactly how much room you have to work with. You can even draw on a plate to get an idea of what your arrangement may look like.


With these you don’t necessarily have to keep with the same colours or theme as the bouquet, most centrepieces are comprised of green leaves and branches over actual flowers. You can place your plants in vases, buckets, bowls; it’s really up to you. Just be sure that there is little to no water in them as they can be knocked over by the guests and the last thing you want to do is soak them top to bottom! Choose smaller more delicate flowers for your tables, this ensures you have enough room for peoples plates should they be eating.

Larger Potted Plants

I’m not talking about palm trees or anything like that, I’m talking about small trees and tall plants that are dotted around the venue to look pretty. You need to be sure that they are stable and tied down/together so that they cannot fall on anyone and you also need to be sure they do not obstruct paths or views. They can add to the wedding but they can also take away from it, so choose wisely.


Not many brides will opt for this as they think it’ll be too expensive and take too much time but in actual fact you can make one of these for under £100! You can get the frame for cheap with any kind of garden centre, and then all you need is to get some wrap around plants such as ivy and cover the lot in it, adding any flower of choice (preferably matching the bouquet) and tie it all down/together with good old fashioned cable ties. You don’t need to worry about being overly delicate as the flowers will only be used for the day itself and can be fairly robust.

For more ideas and inspirations just visit

Best Way To Money Saving Advice For Your Wedding Wed, 17 Jul 2013 18:30:44 +0000 Weddings are the most important day in your life and it’s easy to float on cloud nine and plan everything perfect except, everyone has a budget and it’s advisable to plan it and calculate in advance before beginning any of the wedding preparations. There is no need to excessively spend for a perfect wedding, one of the best weddings can be prepared if you plan correctly and follow on these help tips on saving money on various tasks:

Saving on The Venue


To save on the venue it’s best to decide a date after choosing a venue, on some dates you may be able to get discounts while if you are up for a risk then last minute bookings can lead to huge savings. There is no need to waste space, a gorgeous venue might be too huge for your guests, it will not only be a waste of money but the entire hall would look empty, look for something that is appropriate for the number of your guests. Only decorate areas that will be seen more such as the entrance and the hall, you don’t need to waste decor or other passages or balconies overheard which will only be slightly glanced at.

Saving on Food and Drinks


Food and drink items are the biggest expenses thus the fewer your guests are the lower will be the expense, you must go through the list a couple of times and delete any unnecessary aunties living abroad or extra plus ones. You will have a choice between a buffet and sit down meal providing course, it’s best to compare prices of both from different caterers and choose the cheapest options. The time of event can greatly save costs as during night most booze is consumed thus day time weddings or afternoon tea or cocktail party can be your best options. Also try to look deals, buying drinks in bulk can probably save a lot and some vendors even provide free glasses with drinks.

Saving on Invites


Everything is digital nowadays and everyone is online thus why not also take your wedding invites online as well! You will be saving resources thus it’s an attempt to go green and you wouldn’t have to pay for expensive paper, printing and stationary etc. Even more decorative invites can be created online with personalised videos and pictures, a wedding website can be made where guests can RSVP or leave comments and suggestions.

Saving on Bands and Entertainment


You need to research and find out whether your favourite band hired per musician or the entire band, else the less people there are the lower will be the costs and fewer extra expenditure on food. A DJ may cost a lot less then a live band while connecting your iPod to a good sound system can be result in a great party. You also don’t have to have someone specialised, trained new amateur musicians can be great and may charge a lot less thus try them out.