Checklist You Must Have When Moving In a Short Period of Time

Moving in a short period of time can be more stressful than the usual move. Ideally, you and your family prefer to have a few months preparing for your moving plans. Unfortunately, there are some circumstances that will force you to do a last-minute move. But having said it, relocating in a few days or weeks from now doesn’t necessarily have to be tedious at all times. There are plenty of ways that can make your move more hassle-free. So if you’re moving in less than one month, here’s a definite guide you must have to ensure a successful and smoother move.

1. Plan your move thoroughly.

You may think that moving in a short period of time is somehow impossible. In fact, it has never been an ideal thing to do in the first place. With all the tasks you need to complete before the deadline, it’s important to get your feet moving and plan your move ahead of time. First, take a deep breath and have your plans in place. Remember, you need to take note all the important details of your relocation before getting started with the more complicated activities. Lastly, you shouldn’t forget to pay attention to all essential aspects of your moving so you can make the entire transition less tedious.

2. Prepare sufficient supplies.

Always keep in mind, moving in less than a month is quite frustrating. Hence, you need to prepare all the supplies needed to make your whole relocation quick, fast and easy. Start by determining how many moving boxes you may require for boxing all your personal stuff. If you want to save money, you can come over to the nearest grocery stores or supermarkets in your area to ask for some unused boxes.

3. Get rid of unnecessary items.

If you’re packing, going through with all your stuff is the first thing you need to do. And with all the items you’ve collected for several years, it may be about time to declutter. Besides, you cannot bring all your belongings to your new home especially if some of them are no longer of purpose for you. That’s why it’s best to get rid of these items so you can pack in a way that you should only take those important ones when moving. Separate those stuff you want to recycle, donate and junk. However, sorting through some stuff will be more efficient if you ask the assistance of every family member. Once you’ve done with sorting, you may think of holding a garage sale or even donating your unnecessary stuff to the local charities.

4. Pack your belongings efficiently.

After you declutter, you need to box all your stuff in an efficient manner. When it comes to packing, it’s best to call for help from your friends and relatives. That way, your loved ones can help you out with your move, making the entire process a less burdensome on your end. Be sure you come up with a good labeling system to make the whole process more straightforward. Prepare your masking tapes and markers to get started. You may use the colored ones to create smart labels for all your moving boxes. Remember, well-labeled boxes can also make your unpacking less demanding of your time and energy.

5. Transfer of utilities.

Moving in less than a month is never fun at all. With all the activities that need to be accomplished before the big day, you may not even bother to transfer your utilities and cables to your new home. Unfortunately, this task should be done in advance to make sure you have access to these utilities upon your arrival at your new home. In addition, call up your utility service providers to notify them about your change of address so they can also transfer your utilities to your new residence.

6. Get the help of professional movers.

If you really find it difficult to prepare for your upcoming move by yourself, then contacting a moving company like Movers NYC can be very ideal. After all, doing a less than a month move may not give you sufficient time to get ready. Thus, it’s best to look for available movers who can assist you with all your moving activities. From packing to transporting your belongings in a safe manner, you can certainly rely on these moving companies for assistance.

The Bottom Line

Essentially, the best way to move to a new house in a short amount of time is by getting the most out of this moving checklist. With proper planning and organization, everything about your move can be made possible even if you only have less than a month to pull it off. Moreover, you just have to work with the best moving company in your area to ensure a successful moving experience from start to finish. Keep in mind, if you’re in a situation that you need to move in a short period, getting professional help can be the best course of action.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.