Choosing the Right Features and Innovations for a Bathtub

Choosing the Right Features and Innovations for a Bathtub

To some, a bathtub is merely a simplisticfeature that holds water, whereas, to the majority, the tub represents at least something a little more.

Bathtubs have now evolved to the point whereby many of them make use of various technologies to enhance the bathing experience so much further than what was possible before.

Thus, prior to making any final decisions in your own selection, it could help to be sure you know precisely what’s available so that you are positive that you’ve exhausted every option available to you.

Contemporary Luxury Bathtubs

Contemporary luxury tubs such as the Amalfi tub that’s available from Victoria & Albert, afford a contemporary styling to the slipper tub. The tub’s gentle sweep to one side provides an elegantly graceful look. And yet, it also does offer some functionality by supporting the neck, back and head, in a somewhat similar way to that of a lounge chair.

There are other products such as mahogany bathtubs that are handcrafted and function to display the beauty of the wood. All in all, the point being that bathtubs can also be particularly stylish.

Air and Soaker Tubs for the Smaller Bathroom Area

If you are drawn to the concept of a freestanding soaker tub but you do not have a bathroom that’s quite the size of your living room, you may wish to opt for a smaller-sized soaker tub. The company – Aquatic – produce a tub called Serenity 13 – a soaker tub which is elegantly pedestal-based.

The same company also offer rectangular air baths from their Serenity Studio. These come in an array of smaller sizes which cater better to bathrooms when space is at a premium.

Electronic Controls and Heating Systems

Numerous whirlpools and air baths come with heaters that will, in one way or another, keep the water temperature high. Again, the Aquatic company sell a product known as HotSoak which comes with a heater together with a pump. The pump limits the movement of the water, and thatin turn means that the bathing experience is still and relaxing while the water remains hot.

A number of tubs also possess electronic controls which govern the functionality of the tub such as the water pressure and the heat alteration.

Conventional Bathtubs and Soaker-like Features

Many conventional alcove-type bathtubs these days come with features that permit them to be filled up with more water than that of the standard bathtub. In turn, this makes them work more like the soaker bathtub.

The Deep Soak drain, manufactured by American Standard, places the overflow drain at a level that is higher than normal within the tub. Similar features can be found with Kohler Archer tubs, and these allow you to submerge yourself further into the bathing vessel, thereby achieving a more relaxing overall experience.

Integration of Sound

Bathing is no longer solely about washing. You can now opt for a bathtub that projects both sound and lighting. The VibrAcoustic by Kohler combines soothing instrumental musical tracks that you can hear above the surface of the water while also feeling it below in the form of a series of continual vibrations.

You can set up your own musical selections by using their DTV-Bath interface which will pipe your choice of tunes from either a computer or MP3 device into the bath.


Chromatherapy, otherwise known as the use of light as a form of sensual therapy, can be combined together with your bath as a way to stimulate the visual senses so as to sooth or energize your mind.

Once more, enter the VibrAcoustic from Kokler, which can be kitted out with various lighting colors and then synchronized in order to pulse alongside the vibrations that are experienced through music.

There are also light kits that provide a preprogrammed lighting show that will blend together color mixes and fades using the primary colors within the spectrum.

In Conclusion

So, in essence, a bathtub can represent a simplistic utility, or it can be something more akin to a place whereby refuge is sought and relaxation is the primary focus.

If you’re thinking about investing in a bathtub, now you have a little more awareness that bathing time can, and perhaps should, be that much more indulgent than previously. After all, in our busy world, we rarely get quiet time to ourselves, and thus, bathing is no longer simply about keeping clean.

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