Commercial Aluminium Doors Vs. Timber Doors

If you were to ask any seller or buyer which door better-aluminium door or the timber door is, then there would be a heated argument between all of them since all of them prefer one over the other. But when it comes to the consumers, they choose the kind of door that is specific to their needs.

If you are confused whether to buy a commercial aluminium door or a timber one, you could always weigh the pros and cons and then decide. Of course, both have their own pros and cons and at the end of the day, it is according to your taste and needs that will make you buy either one of the doors.

All the Pros and Cons of the Commercial Aluminium Door or the Timber Door

Some important factors that will help you decide on which door to buy are as follows:

  • Aesthetics: The first and foremost strength timber doors have over commercial aluminium doors is the aesthetics. Nothing can beat the classic wooden aesthetic of a wooden door. However, if you like the sleek look of an aluminium door, then it is your choice completely. Incidentally, you could always mix and match glass with aluminium to make it look more modern. But if you like the classic aesthetic then you could never go wrong with a wooden door.
  • Durability and Strength: Both aluminium and timber doors have durability and strength. But then again aluminium is a metal and metal cannot be stronger than wood. Statistically wooden doors are installed in 74% of the residential areas while commercial aluminium doors are used 90% of the time in offices and industries.
  • Maintenance: Timber doors require a lot of maintenance since you need to repair and reseal the wood from time to time to maintain its longevity. But when it comes to aluminium doors, the amount of repairing that is needed is very less, so the maintenance cost is always very low.
  • Colour Appearance: One great advantage that commercial aluminium doors have is the fact that they are coated with powder. This is the reason why they do not rust or peel off and hence do not get discoloured. This is one of the main reasons why aluminium doors are such a popular choice in the modern homes. But if one were to choose timber doors, then they would have to repaint the wood from time to time since the paint is prone to getting peeled off.
  • Insulation: Timber is a great thermal insulator, which means that it helps in trapping the heat inside the house. Aluminium doors on the other hand are quite the opposite. If one were to use high-performance glazing, then the thermal efficiency of the aluminium doors would greatly improve.
  • Cost: Commercial aluminium doors are cheaper to install than timber doors. You would save a great amount of money if you were to opt for aluminium doors over timber doors.
  • Environmental Friendly: Aluminium is indefinitely recyclable, and it takes about only 5% of the total energy to produce it from the raw materials. In fact, according to many statistics, 70% of all the aluminium ever produced is being used even today. Considering these factors, timber is quite opposite to aluminium. It is very much non-recyclable and with every door or window that has been made from timber, a tree must be cut down.

With all the pros and cons it will be now easier for you to decide which is the best choice for you.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.