Decor Ideas for Christmas Eve Party at Home

Christmas is not just around the corner, in fact the run has already been taken and it is right in front of you. I didn’t want to start my words or idea about Christmas with the same old line of ‘Christmas just around the corner’, so here was my glimpse of innovation for you. I hope the ideas coming in the article below will tell you a bit more about my innovation. As a professional photographer, I maybe look at everything with criticism and perfection, at least that is what my friends tell me what I do. From my own point of view, I am just looking for fun with style. It is like as in girls that they don’t like wearing clothes on the party they wore last time. I like my party to have something different even if the home and living room has same walls and same canvas art images of family photos hanging on it. So I try coming up with something to suite my home and living room and when I fail I just ask for ideas or browse the Google image section. That is literally the best place to get ideas trust me.


Anyway so here are few of the ideas that I used during my last few Christmas Eve parties, they like I said before are not necessarily my own ideas.

Wine Bottles Christmas Tree

Best idea ever I must say which I loved getting fabricated and then decorating was a Christmas tree made up of upside down wine bottles. I came up with the idea as I was already looking for wine and other bottle holder that I wanted to place in my basement. I didn’t need to design it much; all I have to do was get it fabricated by telling the basic idea and taking a wine bottle with me. Idea was to make bottle holder to hold bottle upside down and tilted outside so it can accommodate as many bottle of the specification I brought with me. The holder had to be an ascending circular path in a concentric way to it becomes like a Christmas tree. The whole Christmas tree was filled with over 150 bottles. I kept many of them empty as I didn’t want it to get much heavy in my living room since I wasn’t sure how much weight it could stand and frankly I didn’t want to take any risk. I used LED lighting cord and other Christmas ornaments of different color to decorate it and with a Santa Cap on top of it. The idea was loved by nearly everybody.

Christmas Wreath of Ferrero Rocher

This Idea required a lot of control on my side. Even now that I am typing it down, my mouth has started watering with the taste of the chocolate in my mind. I don’t know any person who doesn’t like Ferrero Rocher; they might have not tried it if they say no, because literally I haven’t seen anyone not liking it. So I decided to make couple of small Christmas wreaths for all the doors of inside area. It can get a bit tricky but the best thing about it is that since base of the chocolate is double covered with pastry paper and then aluminum all around it, you can use adhesive to further strengthen it so that it doesn’t fall off unless someone pulls it. Well, I don’t need to tell you if I had any Ferrero Rocher left after the party, Do I?

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