Design a Man Cave that would make Batman Jealous

We have all seen them in our favourite television shows and movies. Those luxurious rooms the main stars always seem to have. You must wonder why you can not have a place like that your home. Well, you can! Do you dream of having a home movie viewing experience that rivals the cinema? Do you have a spare room or old shed? Congratulations, that is all you need to begin.

super-bowl-in-man-caveImage Use

The Furniture

Ostentation is underrated. If you want to add some luxury and class to your living area then this is the place to do it. Got your eye on that unique car engine coffee table? Now is the time to buy it. You can go further than that of course. Do not spare any expense. You will want some leather seats. Maybe a sofa or even a massage chair. Why not treat yourself? We are sure you have earned it. This room will be your private space so put whatever posters you like on the walls. If this room is a separate building, like a barn style shed, then consider buying a mini fridge. Stock it with food from the house. That way you will not have to leave your new haven when you feel peckish. You may also want a bookshelf and a place to store those old classical records. A room like this can be where you do all your best thinking.

The TV

What would your furniture be facing without a television? There are some truly incredible ones on the market. Which one you settle on will depend on your budget. But you should know your options. 3D may be a gimmick but it is certainly an impressive one. With the new glasses free sets on the market it is the perfect time to invest in the trend. The effects on some films will make you jump back in excitement as objects fly towards you.

Or you could look to the future. The next step after 3D is Ultra HD. 8K sets will be on the market by the end of this year along with the film titles to go with them. Movies have never looked so real. You will feel like you are looking through a window into another world.

Yes, size does matter. If you spend in the tens of thousands you can now get screens that are one hundred inches in diameter. Look at it this way…you will save a fortune on trips to the movie theatre.

Add one of the latest games consoles and you will have the ultimate entertainment system.

The Sound

You have got the comfort, the tv and the privacy. There is just one more thing you will need. It does not matter how fantastic the picture is you still need ear bursting sound. Set up a surround sound system. You will want smaller speakers spread around your room or shed and four bigger ones on either side of the television. These type of installations will cost around two thousand pounds but it will be worth it. You also want to connect it to any audio equipment you have such as a record player. Then have fun trying out all your old movies and films.

We hope you enjoy your new entertainment room but do not turn the volume up too loud. You do not want to disturb the neighbours.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.