Design Tricks That Will Turn Your Loft Conversion into a Perfect Bedroom

Design Tricks That Will Turn Your Loft Conversion into a Perfect Bedroom

Long-time homeowners have one common problem: creating more space for all the things that they have accumulated for years. While moving out into a new home may not be an option at the moment, using the loft to create more space is a good decision.

Loft conversion is the best solution if you want an additional room or some extra space. You can transform the loft into a livable space to be used for various purposes like a bedroom, meditation room, playroom, vanity room, walk-in closet or a home office.

Most lofts are smaller than the average room of a house. Because of this, you should be able to find ways to make it look bigger and more functional, without having to spend too much on home improvement.

Loft Conversion Tips for a Bedroom

If you’re planning to repurpose the loft into a bedroom, let your creative juices flow with these design tips and tricks:

Decorate Wisely

  • Putting furniture close to the wall doesn’t look like you have a big space. Instead, pull the furniture a few inches away from the wall to create that perfect illusion.
  • You may be too excited to design your new loft, but make sure that you use small decorations instead of those that will take too much space. Have you heard of the cantaloupe rule?
  • Add drama to your loft by adding artworks to make the room feel more spacious.
  • An area rug or carpet tiles can add that curb appeal to your loft. Lighter shades are preferred since they draw in more natural light than the dark ones. Also, make sure that you choose a pattern that will not eat off the space of the entire loft.

Use the Right Colors and Patterns

  • Instead of using a dark colored paint on your walls and floor, consider using light colored paint to make the room look bigger.
  • Using wallpaper can make your loft look taller. Make use of stripes to create an illusion that the room is somewhat elongated.

Put Things That Don’t Eat Up Too Much Space

  • Knowing that you have limited space, make use of multi-purpose cabinets and bins where you can store your things, instead of just laying them around and eventually turning into clutter.
  • Due to its limited space, the size of the bed should not be too huge that it can actually take up all the floor space.

Ensure Enough Lighting

  • Use smaller lamps to spread light across the room. A sconce is the perfect type of lighting fixture to use for small rooms. More than the illumination, it creates a feeling of an added space in the room.
  • The windows do not only allow fresh air to come in, but it can also draw in more natural light. This prevents the feeling of being “contained”, and gives you the perception of being in a much bigger space than you actually have.
  • Instead of using windows, you may also use roman shades.

Designing your bedroom loft can mean an endless list of things to do especially when you are excited and hyped up. Make sure that your loft will turn out to be an extraordinary room, rather than just another small room in the house. Most importantly, design your loft according to its purpose so that you can use it according to your plan.

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