Different Methods of Chimney repair

Chimney is the integral part of every house today because it eases hot gases and smoke out of the house. If your house is equipped with chimney to push the hot gases, then it is important for you know about different ways to repair your chimney when you are struck in a problem. Repairing chimney is not an easy go, however, if you have knowledge about different methods of cleaning your Chimney, you can assist yourself during the times of emergency. The current article guides you with different types of repairing chimney.

Irrespective of the method you use for cleaning chimneys, you need few tolls like rod/rope, brush, flash light ladder and shop vacuum.


Rod method

In this type of repairing the chimney will be done in two different ways. One is top down approach and the other is bottom up approach.

Top down Approach

Most of them use top down approach where the chimney cleaning brush is attached to the rod. This rod is pushed to the bottom of the Chimney to clean the debris that are accumulated. You have to reach top of the floor to push the rod attached with the brush. If you feel that the height of the rod is not enough to reach the bottom of chimney, you should attach another rod on the top till it reaches bottom. The debris that is pushed down will be collected at the closed end of the fireplace.

Bottom up Approach

The process of cleaning chimney here is similar to top down approach but, the process here initiates from the bottom of the chimney. The fireplace will be open here, cleaning process is messy. However, you can choose this process of repairing chimney if you are afraid of climbing the roof with the help of flashlight ladder. You bear with the mess when you use this process to repair your chimney.


Weight Method

you can approach this method of chimney repair if you don’t like to clean accumulated mess in the house. Though this method of cleaning chimney is quite similar to rod method top down approach, the instruments used in the process of cleaning are entirely different. The chimney brush in this process is assembled with rope, pull ring and weight. Scrubbing of the chimney walls is done by moving the brush up and down. You can close fireplace in this process to enjoy contained cleaning.

Dual Line Method

You can take the help of your friend or a family member in this process. In this method of repairing chimney, a rope is tied to the two ends of the brush. One pulls the brush from the top end of the chimney and the other pulls it down from the bottom. This process of cleaning chimney is little quick and you can share the burden of cleaning with the other person. Even in this process, the fireplace is kept open, and it is little messy. Get more information visit here chimney repair.

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