Does Plywood Flooring Thickness Matter with the Different Appliances?

Does Plywood Flooring Thickness Matter with the Different Appliances?

Plywood comes in an array of colors and dimensions and the features may vary greatly. Planks of different sizes come with different prices, but also have various uses. This is a guide to understanding why the thickness aspect is so important when choosing plywood to place under various appliances in your home.

Plywood and Heavy Appliances

Fridges and other items that go in a kitchen can be very damaging when dragged over any floor. Even the cabinets are troublesome. However, you will have to bear in mind that at some point you may have to move these appliances again, for servicing or cleaning purposes. One good alternative is to use plywood under these appliances from the start and match this with a flooring of the same thickness. Cut the sheets/planks as small as you need them to be. The best look is achieved when the plywood underneath doesn’t show.

Your plywood choice will have to rely on certain measurements: try to estimate the humidity in that spot and also measure the weight of the appliance. These will offer clues about the eventual thickness modification.


The heavier the appliance (oven, fridge, dishwasher), the more of a trace it can leave on the planks. Also, it puts significant pressure on it. Plywood is made of wood fiber and this is compressed by the weight. In time, this part of the floor could get thinner than the rest, so you’ll be faced with a level difference. This is why selecting the right thickness is so important. Also note that, if you are combining this with hardwood flooring, then you should leave a little room for the latter to expand.

Plywood Is Also Subject To Changes

Because it is also made of wood, plywood goes through the same changes: shrinking, swelling and expanding. It can take in or lose moisture. This will definitely affect its thickness, so what you have in the end may not be as the dimensions inscribed on the package. You would have to predict what happens eventually, but that is hard. To make it easy, you may use the trick presented here. It will ensure a much better fit.

Expert Flooring Advice

Experts suggest avoiding too many floor patches in the kitchen. Some homeowners have different flooring under cabinets and appliances. The many gaps that are created can lead to a lot of inequalities. The more uniformity there is, the better. This will also make it easy when you are replacing old appliances with new ones. You should also consider the cleaning routine. If that requires you to move the appliances frequently, you’ll need to follow this advice and avoid gaps or level differences.

If you are confused you can consult an online guide to see these differences clearly. Then, match the size with the surrounding floor and ask an expert about its behavior in the long run. Also, it would be much better to have the flooring installed by a professional instead of making it a DIY job.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.