Few Interesting guide On Spring Cleaning

We have this strange tradition called spring cleaning where during spring many households will get to work on tidying their home from top to bottom. The origins of spring cleaning are unclear but one suggestion is that in nineteenth century America families would choose to clean in March because it was finally warm enough to open all of the doors and windows and therefore be able to dust out the house without suffocating.


Also, insects aren’t as prevalent as they are during summer so you can air the house out to your heart’s content without having to worry about swarms of invading bugs. Now you will probably clean your house on a regular basis but some tasks are just too bothersome to carry out regularly – this is what spring cleaning is for. With any luck this simple guide will help you transform your house from a dusty hellhole into a pristine palace.

You might as well start with the carpets. Vacuuming on a regular basis is an essential part of keeping dust at bay but you will really want to get your carpets professionally cleaned by a company around once a year. You will need to move furniture around in order to be able to clean the entire carpet. Take this opportunity to reach those areas that are usually blocked off since they are likely to accumulate the most dust. Take advantage of the spring weather and have the windows wide open during the dusting process.


Invest in some microfiber cloths since they really are way more effective than plain old rags. You may need to wash certain areas of the walls if they’re looking a bit stained in which case you will want to use a slightly dampened cloth to gently get rid of dirt. Walls are often overlooked during everyday cleans. Before cleaning the windows take down curtains and drapes and have these cleaned separately. It is recommended to wash your windows on a cloudy day since if the sun is out then the cleaning solution can dry too quickly leaving streaks.


Now it is time to move on to the kitchen. Initially you should do a quick clean up where you remove as much clutter as possible. Place your kitchenware and appliances in cupboards so that they do not get in the way. You will be using some strong-smelling cleaning products in the kitchen so once again it is recommended to open all available windows. Apply oven cleaner to all of the surfaces inside the oven.

While the oven cleaner is doing its thing you can start the task of cleaning the fridge and freezer. Take everything out of the fridge, including shelves, and throw away any expired food. Wash all of the shelves thoroughly and then clean out the inside of the fridge before replacing everything. The freezer is usually a more tricky prospect since you have to defrost it a few hours beforehand. You can avoid a buildup of ice on freezer walls by minimizing the time you leave the freezer door open each time you use it.

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