Fighting With Rodents in Your House

Fighting With Rodents in Your House

The appearance of a pests or signs of illness on the plant – is the nightmare of every grower.

Still, this is not the worst thing: for all known pests are developed clear and sufficiently effective methods to pest control, the use of which will prevent the death of the plant, even in advanced cases. The diseases of plants – it’s much worse, to find their symptoms in time, – is not as easy and cure the neglected diseases is sometimes impossible.

An important task of the grower – is the prevention and again prevention. You should regularly inspect your plants: the sooner we will find traces of life of the “terrorist” or the first symptoms of the disease, the easier will be to perform the pest control Edmonton.

Methods of Pest Control Edmonton

Against most pests and diseases encountered in plants, there are effective drugs and medications. By combining their use with good care of plants, you will quickly take control of the situation. For assistance you can call Casa Adobes exterminator to take care of it for you. Only in exceptional cases, when all the methods of pest control Edmonton are powerless, we have to destroy the infected plants.

Mechanical and Biochemical Means Of Pest Control Edmonton

If you during the weekly inspection found pests or damaged areas, it means that we must act actively. While the scale of the defeat still small, you can easily take by hand, wash and scrape off aphids or other pests.

Lukewarm shower (cold water can cause a “shock” of the plant) washes away almost everything. Just do not forget about the reverse side of the leaves! In order to flower, when it turned upside down, does not fell out of the pot, you need to put it in a plastic bag and tie tightly with the pot with the ground. The plants prepared in this way can be dipped headfirst into the water; do not forget adding a few drops of dish-washing detergent to the water. Unfortunately, such measures can be taken only to relatively small plants.

The diseased or damaged plants should be removed immediately. Garden tools and hands immediately wash with care.

White-flies, mosquitoes and other tormentors of the plants on the windowsill can be caught with the help of small yellow plates (“flycatchers”) coated with glue. They are inserted into the flower pots. Spider mites can be expelled by a strong increase in humidity, but if the affected plants can quietly take it. You should well water the plants, and place them for 10-14 days in a transparent plastic bag, securing it above a pot with soil. The moisture which evaporates from the leaves will fall inside the package.

Biological Means of Pest Control Edmonton

Plant protection means comprise, in particular, the following substances of natural origin:

Pyrethrum – quite toxic and affects on the nervous system when ingested blood. Be careful if you have small wounds or cuts! Pyrethrum is in sprays, powders and liquids. It helps against biting and sucking insects.

Paraffinic oil glues the respiratory system of mealybugs and spider mites. However, only plants with a rigid leaves can take preparations containing this substance. It is used for direct spraying plants.

Potassium soap is also offered as a means for spraying the plants. It also affects to the respiratory system of sucking insects. But it spares bees, lacewings, ladybirds and other assistants. The plants with soft leaves safely take the potassium soap.

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