Finding the Perfect Moving Company for Your Next Move

Hiring a professional moving company makes for a smooth move. These trained professionals are skilled at lifting and navigating cumbersome pieces of furniture. They will keep you to a schedule and make the seemingly impossible moving process become a reality. By providing their own equipment and knowledge of how to use those tools, they can protect and safely transport your appliances and household goods.

Moving industry professionals know to care for your heavy and cumbersome pieces of furniture and fragile goods like heirloom china and paintings. Some are also uniquely skilled and trained in the moving of delicate musical instruments, such as pianos. When a typical homeowner or renter decides to go it alone in a move, he’s often forced to enlist other friends and relatives to help in the endeavor. Without the training and skill of a professional mover, this is often a recipe for disaster. Moving without the help of professionals may result in broken furniture, damaged walls, scraped floors and relationship conflicts. What was thought to be a money-saving strategy becomes a very expensive mistake. Residential movers also provide insurance against breakage that you cannot obtain when you move yourself.


Using a professional moving company keeps you on track because they must also adhere to a schedule to get the job done. This is a daily routine for them. Movers keep you on course, sailing smoothly through a sea of boxes. If you’re the micro-managing type, these companies also must provide a timeline for their move, including a schedule of when you can expect them to begin and be completed by. Knowing what to expect will alleviate your stress. If there’s a game plan for your move, you will feel more in control of the unknown.

Just as they know how to twist and turn their bodies to fit through doorways and navigate stairways, professional movers also know the order in which things should be placed and packed on a truck. This keeps the load from shifting and causing an accident while the truck is on its way to your new residence. The amateur may not even get fit all of your items on a rented truck. There is skill in the safe packing and loading of a moving truck. Professional movers also have equipment, such as dollies and padsto maneuver boxes and furniture, as well as cushioning them from bumps and scratches. While you could always rent these tools, the residential movers are trained in the best practices of using them. Plus, the cost of renting all that equipment (which these companies already own) adds yet another expense to a do-it-yourself move, as well.

Moving can be one of the most stressful events in your life. It turns everything upside down for a large chunk of time. Whether the homeowner packs his own boxes or chooses to pay for the packing services offered by most moving companies, the household is in apparent chaos which can be unsettling to all of your family members. Eliminating as much stress as possible is the primary goal of any move. Choosing to engage the services of professionals, like those at the Toronto-based company Rent-a-Son, makes a lot. This company in particular offers a price match guarantee against their competitors and packing services. (For more information, check out the Rent-a-Son website.) Hiring a professional moving service saves mental, emotional and physical strain, while keeping your prized possessions intact.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.