Five Ways towards Mighty Fine Home Lighting

Creating a dynamic lighting scheme in each room is quite the balancing act. Sometimes, you need gentle, ambient lighting for a flattering, diffuse glow in which you can relax. On other occasions, your priority will be to see clearly to get a task completed accurately. It’s amazing how proper lighting can lift your mood, so read on for some fun ways to brighten up your world.

For Multipurpose Use: Dim the Lights

Dimmer switches can bring variety to your overhead lighting without having to change your light bulb wattage or augment the brightness of a room with three or four additional objects. They work by controlling the voltage that runs into the light fixture, which means they can help to save you money! Make sure you use a compatible bulb with your dimmer setup, and consider how many switches will need to be adapted to tweak the lighting from full beam to dim dream in a jiffy.

home-lightingImages by MiiiSH

For Lighting up Dark Corners: Find your Twinkle

Illuminate moody recesses and dark alcoves with some pretty hurricane lanterns or Moroccan lamps. Add gentle, ambient light to grey areas and a little color with some tea lights in colored glass jars, or get creative with pretty white string lights — they’re not just for Christmas, they bring joy at any time of year! You’ll achieve an eclectic but attractive look in any room.

For Studious Havens: LED there be Light

For the ultimate in productivity, you need a light that won’t flicker, buzz, glare or overheat. You might be a fan of traditional styles of lighting, but flexible LED table lamps pack a lot of concentrated, white light into their slender, unobtrusive lamp heads, and even cheap versions are entirely dimmable so you can tweak the brightness until you’re satisfied with the output. Reading Shakespeare never felt so easy…

stylish-candleImages by Jhpope

For Blissful Boudoirs: Look for Lush Lanterns

When you’re crawling between the sheets after a hard day’s work, the last thing you want is the harsh glare of the overhead light when you’re reading. For a beautiful bedroom look, buy matching rice paper bedside lanterns for your home lamps. The delicate hues of the paper will occlude and diffuse light cast from the bulb, casting a balmy, ambient light that’s ideal for relaxation.

For Culinary Charm: Layer Lighting

Of all the rooms in the home, kitchens require perhaps the most different types of lighting. Under-cabinet striplights will illuminate your work surfaces and blitz shadow when you’re slaving over your chopping board. If you have an island, suspend a pendant light above it to highlight as the focal point of the room. Unfussy spotlights work best in a kitchen ceiling; cooking fumes turn lamps dingy in no time at all.

When you’re choosing your home’s lighting, don’t be afraid to dedicate some time and budget to the details. Whether ambient or studio-stark, your lighting can harmonies or disrupt the tranquility of your home, so make sure you’re switched on to its potential.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.