Gaining Safety Access on Roofs

Gaining Safety Access on Roofs

Every year several accidents tend to happen on construction sites, especially in commercial or industrial building sites. And most of the accidents occur while working on roofs and falling from heights. But this can be brought under control, if we measure certain precautions and use certain equipment which is exclusively made for the safety of the workers working on the roofs.

Reasons behind the fall of Workers

  • Hurriedness – In most of the cases, workers fall because of their negligence in times of rush. Quickly assembling the framework or an unsafe loosely tied ladder can be the reasons behind their fall. It is never a good idea to work in a hurry, especially when it’s a matter of your own safety. If they take full precautions and safety measures, then they too can work without any fear of falling from heights.
  • Uncomfortable Feeling – In times of cold, sensitivity as well as mobility of limbs reduces and in times of heat, the weather may result in dizziness. In both the situations, a person tends to lose his stability and loses the balance. Similarly, if a worker is working in an uncomfortable position for a long time, it can reduce his blood circulation and may lose his balance and fall down.
  • False Security Feeling – There are a set of workers who don’t use safety equipment as they are not scared of heights or are not scared of falling down. Sometimes, it also happens that they do not want to present themselves as a scared man among his co-workers.

Since Australia is getting more and more developed each day, more and more high-rise buildings are being constructed. So, the challenges for safety of workers are also increasing. There are various renowned companies are there in Australia which provides different types of roof safety systems, site specific training and so on. These kind of companies provide height safety solutions and products which are cost-effective and practical, such as, walkway systems, guard railing systems, ladder systems and platforms, anchor point systems, etc. There are many famous authorised installers of branded height safety producers, like SAFYA Systems, Ferno, Capital Safety, etc.

Prevention Tips

  1. If weather is playing as the bad man during the work time, then it is better to wait for the conditions to improve or it may make the matters worse. It is during bitter weather conditions many workers tend to fall by accident.
  2. Whenever possible, work using an elevate work platform like scissor lift or cherry picker. While installing the ladders, do look for these factors- ladder dock, type of step, stairs, 75 degree angled or vertical, etc. Many work places compromise on these factors for saving money. However, this very little saving will turn out into huge amount of fines if any accident will take place with any worker.
  3. If the workers are to work in a fragile area, it is better to install a guard railing around it or place a safety mesh below the working section before starting the construction work.
  4. To prevent the workers from falling down, they can use rooftop cables and rail fall arrest system. They are not only safe, but reliable and effective also.
  5. It is recommended to use roof anchor points while working on steep slopes of the roofs.

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