Give Your Bathroom a Facelift with These Quick Techniques

When you first install a new bathroom, it looks gloriously shiny and pristine. But it’s not long before things start to seem a bit tired. You can’t get the grout clean, the fixtures are a bit wobbly, and something has sprung a small, dripping leak. But you don’t need to put in an entirely new bathroom to get everything back to it former glory. Just a few fixes and deep cleans will have everything shining again, and it will look like you’ve just renovated it. You can do some things yourself, and for others it’s best to call in the professionals to get the job done properly.

Update Hardware

If your faucets or shower head are past their prime, get rid of them and put in something new. You don’t need an entirely new bathroom suite to make everything look better. Try putting in something more modern or choose some beautiful period features. Alternatively, instead of replacing anything you can clean and tighten up what you already have. It can be surprising what a good polish and a couple of tweaks to do to revive your bathroom hardware.

Clean Tiles and Grouting

One of the things that can make a bathroom look past it best is grubby tiles and grouting. But these things are often very difficult to clean yourself. You scrub and use all kinds of cleaning products, but eventually you forget what your tiles were even supposed to look like. If you’re struggling to get it clean, use a tile and grout cleaning company, who can give you a professional service. They’ll know all the trade secrets to give your bathroom a proper clean and get your tiles shining again.


If the sealant around your bath, shower and other features is looking dirty or peeling away, it’s easy to replace. Anyone who has tackled simple DIY projects before will probably feel comfortable resealing their bathroom. After you have taken out the old silicone, make sure everything is dry. If you’re sealing your bath, you should fill it with water first so that the sealant doesn’t pull away when you next have a bath.


If you don’t have tiles on your walls, painting your bathroom can freshen it up immediately. However, make sure you sort out any moisture problems in the wall before you start painting. Once you have healthy walls, use a water-based primer. It might be best to use semi-gloss paint because it repels water better. You can also give your ceiling a coat of paint or two.

New Accessories

A few well-placed accessories or decorations could give your bathroom a lift. Buy a new shower curtain or perhaps a lampshade. You could get a new bathroom trash can, replace your mirror or even just add a new toothbrush holder. Don’t be afraid to use art in your bathroom either. As long as you protect it from moisture, it could make the room look much better.

Don’t despair if your bathroom is looking past its best. It doesn’t take much to take it back up to the level it was at when it was new.

Image: Axel Tregoning

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.