Go The Extra Mile to Make Your Garden Stand Out

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The garden is one of the great wonders of the home. There are so many endless possibilities that can be done with it. But in spite of this it is often overlooked by so many people. They just neglect it and allow it to grow wild and unkempt. It’s a shame because they’re missing out on something that could be truly beautiful.

Well, their loss is your gain. With these awesome ideas, you can take the initiative and see to it that your garden is the one that stands out.

Flower Bed

A flower bed is a beautiful and breath-taking addition to any garden. Show off the glorious beauty of nature with a multi-coloured flower bed. Try to have a large bed with flowers and roses of all different colours. Mix and match with pinks, oranges and reds. Make sure the garden looks bright, cheerful and inviting. It’s incredible the difference planting some flowers can make to the look and appeal of a garden. You might also find that this is quite a cost effective way of improving your garden. You can pick flowers up cheaply from garden centres, so make sure you go nuts!


You might want your garden to stand out but also remain private. You can still have a garden that looks striking and mysterious while using privacy techniques. You might want to think about building a fence from scratch around the border of your garden. You could take other approaches too, but you might need research or help. For instance, you might want to look at a guide to installing aluminium privacy screens. These are trendy and modern. They give the look of a wooden finish but are much less high-maintenance than wood.


Another awesome way to make your garden look magnificent is to put in a little allotment. Well, you could even do a big one; it depends on the size of your garden. But allotments give your garden something a little bit different. Most gardens contain flower beds, but few have their own allotment. Your neighbours will be envious, and there are other advantages too. You will be able to grow vegetables and eat the freshest most organic produce imaginable. This might well save you a lot of money on having to buy your vegetables from the supermarket.


A practical way to make your garden the talk of the town is to put in a summerhouse. These are more original than a conservatory and have more personality and character than a shed. You can use a summerhouse for all sorts, but you will most likely use it for relaxation or work. You should try to avoid too much storage, or you’ll just be wasting it by turning it into a shed. A summerhouse can be a work of art in the right garden. A small, intimate and attractive extra space in your garden. You can even open all the doors and windows in the summer, drag a table in and eat around it if you choose.

Water Feature

One of the more arty ways to make your garden a bit more special is to put in a water feature. This might just be a standing waterfall that you can pop in the middle of the lawn. But more likely it will be a pond. The addition of a water feature will add some vibrant wildlife to your backyard. Design a funky looking pond and add some colourful fish. The garden will benefit from this addition and will develop its own little ecosystem.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.