Guide to Gardening in the Fall

Guide to Gardening in the Fall

Autumn is now heavily upon us, with the darker night’s drawing closer and the cool autumn chill beginning to take over. So, time to think about the garden and what exactly needs to be done in preparation for the winter months, as they can often be a challenge when it comes to maintaining your garden! Preparing for winter is a really beneficial task, and will ensure you and your garden are ready, whatever the weather.

Cutting Bushes, Shrubs and Hedges

If you notice that your shrubs are beginning to turn yellow and their stems are beginning to wilt towards the ground, then it is now the time to cut them down. When your shrubs do this, it means that they are no longer collecting the sap back into their roots and therefore are dying. Cutting these down now will ensure nothing decays or affects the growth of any other plants or shrubs you may have that are still healthy and strong.

When it comes to your hedges, they need to be cut back or pruned for a final time in the autumnal months, preferably between September and November. The reason for this is that you are preventing the current leaves from dying and decaying, which would have a long lasting effect on the rest of your hedge as it grows through the winter periods. Don’t cut your hedges too far back, as you don’t want them to gain holes or gaps as this will affect your hedges growth too. Another top tip for preparing any hedge for winter is to clear them of any excess leaves or debris that may have gathered from the garden. You often find that loose leaves gather on the top of a hedge, and this can cause issues when the hedge becomes wet as the loose leaves may decay and you don’t want that on the leaves that are still living and strong in colour!

Preparing the Lawn

Summertime is great, as you can keep on top of mowing your lawn and keep it looking neat and tidy. The winter time, however, proves slightly more difficult as the wet weather and gatherings of leaves can create obstacles when trying to mow the lawn. Mowing wet grass is never a very good idea, mainly for your lawn mower, however you can still keep on top of trimming the outskirts of your lawn to keep it in shape and tidy. Lack of sunshine, warm weather and dryness can make the lawn suffer, therefore throughout autumn it is best to ensure your lawn gets the best of what sunshine and warm weather is left. Removing leaves from your lawn frequently throughout the autumnal months will prevent the lawn from missing out on any additional sunlight it may receive, as well as warmer temperatures. You don’t want the wet leaves to gather and create a dead patch of grass underneath. The last time to cut your grass is usually the beginning of November, as this is the cut off point for autumn, just before the colder, wintery months set in.

Raised Flower Beds

Whilst you may not expect any of your gorgeous flowers to make it through the winter months, some are strong and can actually last through the cold. One main factor in a flower or plant surviving the cold is their surroundings. If they are planted into a raised flower bed then you’ll find they’ll have a better chance at surviving the cold, as any excess water from the rain or wintery weather can drain through and won’t drown any of your plants. You often find that when flowers are planted into the ground, they have a risk of drowning or flattening if the weather turns to rain or snow. It’s much easier to control and monitor your plants from a raised flower bed and they also look really good for your garden too! Raised flower beds can add a really aesthetically pleasing look as well as work in a beneficial way for your plants. If you don’t currently have any raised flower beds, they are really easy to make yourself. Simply head down to your local timber merchants and gather up all of the equipment you need. If you’re going to add some raised flower beds to your garden then you’re best doing it throughout September or October, as you want them to be in place before the cold weather sets in!

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