How Important Is Good Lighting During The Winter Months?

Daylight Savings Time has definitely come and gone – we are deep into winter and fast approaching Christmas. For the next three or four months, we’re going to live out most of our days in darkness. It’s a uniquely frustrating situation, one that lots of people fail to take any notice of. They spend an awful lot of time feeling curiously melancholy, but they never connect it to the lack of sunlight.

In actual fact, the dramatic change in the amount of sunlight that we are exposed to can really wreak havoc with our brains. We’re creatures of the natural light – we need its Vitamin D to stay happy and healthy. It isn’t unusual to feel a little down during the winter months, so it’s important that you fill your house with lots of artificial light, says the Belfast Telegraph.


If you’re worried about your energy bill, you could always buy energy saving bulbs for all of the light fixtures in your house. That way, you’re free to spread as many table lamps and floor lamps around the house as you like. It is important that you find a substitute for natural sunlight during the winter months, so try not to feel too guilty about your energy usage. Have some fun mixing and matching different light fixtures with the decor at home.

It is a good idea to invest in some full spectrum bulbs. Unlike regular bulbs, they are made to imitate natural light. If you have trouble finding full spectrum bulbs, choose products that have a yellow tint. They are a great way to make rooms feel warmer during the winter. There are also lots of tiny details that make a huge difference – things like fresh flowers on the windowsill, brightly coloured pillows in the lounge, and vibrant rugs and other accessories.

For those lucky enough to have an open fire, the ability to make a home look much warmer and brighter should come rather easily. An open fire does more than raise the temperature, it raises lighting conditions and the atmosphere in your home. It is the perfect accompaniment to a warm and cosy winter evening, say the experts at If you add some candles and a bit of mulled wine, it’s the ideal Christmas setting. You’ll barely remember that it’s dark outside, if you bring the comfy stuff indoors.

When it comes to lighting up a home during the winter months, it’s all about the little touches. Try to make use of things like coloured lamp shades, coloured bulbs, up light fixtures and different types of light. The more variety that you introduce into a room, the more interesting and the more warm it will appear to be. When these things combine, they’ll make your home a more comfortable place to be. You will be at less risk of suffering from conditions like seasonal affective disorder.

Seasonal affective disorder is a much misunderstood condition – lots of people find it hard to take it seriously, but it has been verified by lots of different medical experts. We suffer from this disorder if we are not getting enough light. During the winter months, you might feel a little melancholy due to the lack of natural sunlight. It is a common affliction, and if you want to reverse it – you are advised to expose yourself to lots of light, even if it is artificial.

Michael Crick has been a mental health counsellor for ten years. She recommends BLT Direct for quality light fixtures and lighting solutions. Michael can usually be found advising clients on how to keep their minds healthy and agile.