How to Bring Out the Most in Your Room with Interior Design

Home should always feel like home. A comfortable, relaxed environment, and most importantly one which enhances the features of the rooms as best possible, in an attractive manner. By ensuring your rooms are well presented, the house itself will take on a whole new dimension, and you can really be proud to call home your home. There are various techniques which can be used to brighten up your rooms, and so a few examples of wonderful designs will be given to help you understand what you can do to achieve fantastic results.

As you can see above, this is an example of a living room which has been decorated with a very modern style in mind. The design is very simplistic, taking advantage of simple features which allow the presence of open spaces in the room for manoeuvrability, and also creating a visually stunning environment. This is achieved through a contrast of colours, and the use of white as a crisp tone.

The room utilises white for crispness, providing a clear backdrop which is clean, and gives the impression of homeliness and warmth. This is fantastically offset by the colours in the room, which aren’t overdone and appear more visible due to the domineering white presence in the room. Here everything is in perfect balance, and you should be able to gain some inspiration from looking at the picture alone.


Next we have a more classic design, which takes advantage of a mirror as a centre piece, a feature wall and great symmetry in the room. The walls appear with different colours, using a darker black tone for the outer walls, contrasted by patterned wall paper and a mirror in the centre for the feature wall.

The darker walls create a bold tone in the room, which is perfectly complimented by the use of patterns in the centre to really bring out the features in the room. The mirror serves excellently as a focal point, and really draws your attention as the feature piece in the room. Your eyes are fixated on the centre, where if a fire place was installed below the mirror you’d have a perfect visual set up.

In the above photo you are drawn more to the mirror, wall and items on the fire place. When you draw your eyes away from the patterns, you return to the dark exterior, and later the chairs, sofa and clock next to the wall. Notice the perfect symmetrical positioning of the furniture, made possible and appropriate by the central focus, and perfect alignment to create a visually stunning room. The use of stripes, a chandelier, and essentially a diverse mixture of classic features, increases the like ability of the room and bolsters its finest points. Creating an environment of this nature is certainly achievable, and even if you just want to borrow ideas from the photo it is certainly a start to improving your home.

Finally, here we have a design which is solely based around the use of colour. Despite the idea that colour can be very overbearing in a room, especially when you use a variety of different ones, this room is extremely subtle, and uses a vibrant mix of colours to create an environment to be proud of, without appearing garish and too vivid. This can be achieved through ensuring you don’t use too much of any given colour in the room, since this will more than likely create an eyesore.

I hope you enjoyed and was able to gain inspiration from this article.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.