How to Choose Best Window Awning for Your Home?

How to Choose Best Window Awning for Your Home?

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Choosing the right window awning for your home is very important, not only because it keeps your house cool but also helps block UV rays, add curb appeal and will help you cut the energy costs. Here’s what you should consider before choosing the perfect awnings for your home.

Fabrics or Aluminum Awnings

As you probably already know, awnings come in different materials and require different amounts of maintenance. The most common and most popular materials are aluminum and fabric. The fabric awnings come in variety of colors but they also require more maintenance than aluminum. On the other hand, the aluminum awnings are sturdy but usually don’t allow customization as much as outdoor fabric (when it comes to colors and design).

Energy Savvy

Around 40 percent of the heat in your home usually comes through the windows during hot summer days. In order to cut the number in half, you should consider installing awnings and providing shade. Choosing the right window awnings for your home is very important because it will help you control the energy bills while keeping your home perfectly chill.

Retractable Awnings

One of the most functional and popular options are retractable awnings. They are perfect for busy homeowners who would like to avoid removing and installing window awnings each year to get them ready for the season. In fact, they are so easy to maintain mostly because in the bad weather conditions you can simply “remove” them or just transform them depending on the position of the sun in order to provide more shade. Also, It is very important to remember that the awnings are made of solid material and therefore during installation you need to leave a small gap between the house and the awnings so that the heat can escape.

Slatted Awnings

Homeowners with their houses located on the seaside, or in tropical climates, should certainly pay attention to the type of awnings they choose for their homes or rentals. For example, Australian awnings are famous for their endurance because of the harsh climate they need to fight against. In such weather conditions, you should opt for slatted covers on hinges that will shield the entire window during tropical storms. The best part is that they actually maximize airflow and give you the opportunity to control windows and transom by keeping them both either open or closed.

Exterior Aesthetics

If you want to make the exterior of your home noticeable you should opt for awnings that will become a focal point of your home exterior instead of simply blending in with the rest. For example, a yellow facade with striped red and white fabrics awnings will certainly make your lovely house stand out. Coastal house homeowners should opt for a striped fabrics or bright blue or green slatted awnings to put an accent on the seaside vibe! You can play with various looks, choose vivid colors, and opt for curvy shapes in order to make your house look exactly like a dream home.

Window Awnings Maintenance

Make sure to clean them twice a year, in winter and spring, because taking proper care of window awnings will ensure they last longer and look better even if the weather condition in your area are not ideal.

Follow these simple tips to help you decide and choose the best awnings for your home, deepening on what you want to achieve. It is all about functionality but if there are various options, why not combine functionality with aesthetics and choose awnings that will provide shade while looking pretty awesome!

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.