How to Find Affordable Home Heating Oil

When it comes to heating our homes, it can be expensive and it is important to be able to save money whenever possible. Comparing rates from different energy providers is vital and ordering heating oil directly to your home to fill your tank is by far the best way to save money on your heating costs. In fact, this is becoming a hugely popular way to heat homes throughout the UK, as more and more home owners are recognising how much money they can save by ordering oil directly from a supplier.

The best way to find a company that will deliver oil directly to your home is to look online, as you can do everything from compare rates through to place an order on the internet. You can search for a company that offers cheap heating oil delivered to NI or elsewhere in the UK and you should be able to get a quote instantly by providing the following information:

  • Your home address or postcode
  • The type of oil you want
  • How much oil you want (in litres or pounds)
  • Your email address

Choosing an Oil

It is important to ensure that you choose the right type of oil for your heating system and there are two main types to choose between, namely kerosene and premium kerosene. They both offer slightly different advantages, with the latter being slightly more expensive but offering a higher quality of oil and you will need to do some research to find out which type of oil your boiler needs.

Here are a few things that you can do to work out which oil you need:

  • Do some online research
  • Contact the provider for advice
  • Look on your boiler for stickers with directions
  • Check out old receipts

A reliable supplier will be able to offer you advice about how you can work out what type of oil you need and it is important to make sure you find a supplier with a good reputation in the sector to ensure you will get a good price.

Sourcing a Supplier

A good supplier will offer you all of the following:

  • Flexible delivery dates and times
  • Affordable and competitive rates
  • A secure online payment system
  • An easy to use online ordering system

The advantage of being able to order your fuel online is that you can do it at a time that is convenient to you around work and other commitments. You should look to use a company that offers fully trained drivers who will double check your order before filling your tank up, in case you ordered the wrong oil for your system.

While it is important to ensure that you order your oil from a provider that offers affordable rates, it is also important to remember that oil prices will fluctuate and you will need to keep an eye on the changing rates if you want to get hold of the best price possible.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.