How to Know When A House Will Work For You

How to Know When A House Will Work For You

Much of the time, people are all about the glamour and overall presentation of a home. This is great, but it often means that people overlook homes with great bones because they aren’t appealing to the eye at first look. It’s true that some homes are a dump, but if you pick up a place that has the potential to be transformed into the house of your dreams with a little elbow grease and less money that it would have cost you to build from scratch, then you’re sitting pretty.

In any case, a home has to work for you. It could be new, it could be old, it could be a host of things. In order to not be thrown off by aesthetic details, here’s how to know when a house will work for you:

Look At The Bones

As mentioned before, if you’re going into house hunting keeping the renovation option open, you’re going to want to pay attention to the bones of a home. It might be small and closed off now, but will the layout allow for a wall or two to be knocked out to open up the space?

Perhaps the house doesn’t have enough bathrooms for your needs. That’s okay. When you view houses, walk around with somebody who knows how to see potential in what’s already in existence. If the bones show potential for giving you everything you need, it could be the place for you.

Evaluate Storage Potential

Any home can be fitted to suit somebody. The trick is to know how to design your house in order to get the most out of the square footage. You might not be able to fit your current dining set in the space, but do you really need a table, 8 chairs, a buffet, and a china cabinet?

Think about how you can get creative with the space you have and make it so that your furniture can pull double duty. Need a table and a kitchen island? Maybe you can design a piece that works as both. Do the same for storage. If you don’t have space for all of your blankets in the room, get a couch that has or ottoman that has storage potential. If you think about storage potential, any home could work for you.

Think About Growth

If you don’t want to move from place to place as your family grows, you’ll have to get a home that is able to grow with you. Maybe your home has 4 bedrooms and while you’re still childless, you have a spare room and an office…once you have children, you can easily change the spaces to fit your needs.

Maybe you find a house with an unfinished basement that has the potential for three more rooms…Keep all of this in mind when finding a house that will work for you. It might be hard to see the potential, but if it’s there, you could make magic out of something old mixed with a little hard work and love.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.