How to Use Custom Windows to Create a Mediterranean Design

Mediterranean design is based on the popular architecture found in the whole Mediterranean region which includes Spain and Italy, as well as Moorish and Byzantine countries. In recent years, Mediterranean design has been greatly influenced by traditional Native American style.

A typical Mediterranean-inspired house carries a highly structured vibe but still invokes a cozy and cool atmosphere that can be mostly seen in places with warm climates like in Florida, Texas, Arizona and California.

A Mediterranean exterior is easily identified with the use of bricks painted in cream and a contrasting color on the roof. The wooden framed windows can also be one of its outstanding features.

Asymmetrical floor design is typical in a Mediterranean-designed home. The floor plan is usually in the shape of a “U” or an “L”. The reason for this kind of floor plan is to allow the open breeze to flow through the entirety of the house.

The interior of a Mediterranean-inspired house uses any color palette, but the common colors include green (foliage), blue (ocean, and similar hues from nature.

Here are some more exterior elements of a Mediterranean-inspired home:

1. Ornamental iron work

Well-crafted iron works can be seen on stair railings, window grills, lanterns and gates.

2. Balcony

This is designed as an extra space where homeowners are able to enjoy the fresh air and the view.

3. Tower-like chimneys

A perfect example of function and style is the presence of a tower-like chimney that is artistically designed and includes moldings and small windows.

4. Terracotta roof tiles

To give an earthy, warm and rustic look, red clay roof tops are common in a Mediterranean-inspired home that is asymmetrical or multi-level. Terracotta perfectly complements the earthy hues of Mediterranean design.

5. Hand-painted tiles

This kind of tile represents the cultural influences of the Spanish.

6. White stucco exterior wall

A fresh layer of white paint over (roughly textured) stucco is applied on the exterior walls of the house.

7. Arches and curves

These elements break the rough edges of the whole house to make it more appealing. These arches may be seen on windows and doors.

8. Wooden doors and gates

These are often made with iron details and are made of thick, heavy wood.

9. Pathways, courtyard, and patio

Spanish lifestyle embraces outdoor living. Having a huge space allows homeowners to enjoy the outside environment. It naturally becomes an extension of their living room.

Designing Your Home

Most design experts recommend matching the design of your windows to the look of your door. Some of the best window design choices include the following:

  • Arched windows: This adds a very distinctive and impressive look. Just like window walls, this allows more light to come in which brightens the inside of the house and gives an airy feeling. The downside of using this kind of window is that it cannot be of help during the winter season, and not being able to open it may make the house feel warmer during summer.
  • Wrought iron grilled window: This kind of window is often used as a decorative piece and as a protective shield for the glass window. You can turn your ordinary windows into a Mediterranean style window just by adding wrought iron grill encased into the window.
  • Wooden window grille: You may replace your glass windows using this design element. However, this may make the inside of the room a bit dark since natural light could not pass through unless you open your windows wide enough to let the light in.

You may not have enough resources to build a Mediterranean-inspired home, but you can be playful and creative on how you can make your homes follow the design. By changing certain areas in the house and experimenting on color and pattern combinations, you may be able to pull off an impressive Mediterranean interior in your home.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.