Investing in Houses in Chiang Mai

Investing in Houses in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, tucked away in northern Thailand, is the single largest and most culturally significant city in that region of the country once known as Siam. Sitting on the banks of the Ping River, about seven hundred kilometers north of Bangkok, Chiang Mai is not only an old city—as it was founded in 1296—but its culture and history are prevalent throughout this Thai paradise. Its proximity to the Ping River made Chiang Mai a major site of trade and economic power in pre-modern Thailand, and it has remained so to this day, attracting business-minded visitors from Thailand, abroad, and other Asian countries in particular. The booming Thai tourist industry certainly hasn’t ignored Chiang Mai, as the city hosts about 14 million visitors each and every year.

Chiang Mai, like most of Thailand, is a major destination for Asian tourists, and is consistently marketed as a global city. Recent climate policy with the aim of reducing air pollution and improving the quality of life for all residents of Chiang Mai has been met with great acclaim from locals and politicians alike, making Chiang Mai one of the most attractive property investment options on the Southeast Asian market today.

Property in Chiang Mai

Anyone who has paid attention to the Asian Tiger economic boom of the past decade will know the rabid success story that was Asian property. Those who stood by and missed out on the property booms in Singapore and Hong Kong might have been kicking themselves at the time, but with the emergence of Chiang Mai as a global city, the opportunity for massive returns on property investment has presented itself once again. The quality of life in Chiang Mai improves every year, yet the city remains relatively cheap to buy property in. The massive influx of money brought in by the millions of tourists who pass through Chiang Mai every year is continually reinvested by the Chiang Mai government in infrastructure and city expansion, meaning that as thequality of life increases, so too does property value in Chiang Mai’s rapidly gentrifying urban areas. A Chiang Mai house for sale might command a modest price these days, but those who invest today stand to benefit massively from the impending economic surge that has already taken Vietnam and Cambodia by storm, with Chiang Mai and Bangkok the next in line.

Online Property

You can actually use an online real estate agency to find your dream Chiang Mai property, as the best of these often feature comprehensive property listings that feature prices, images of the properties themselves, and information pertaining to the properties. You can even filter your search results to certain areas or property types, allowing you to browse the precise sorts of houses, apartments, and condos that most appeal to you. Don’t wait around for the next Asian property boom to take you by surprise: buy yourself a gorgeous home in Chiang Mai and hold onto it until you can flip the property for a profit. That, of course, is if you can bear to part with your own little slice of one of Thailand’s most beautiful and culturally vibrant cities.

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