Keeping Your Garden Tidy During The Winter

Keeping Your Garden Tidy During The Winter

Image by whyaye used under the Creative Commons license.

Essential Garden Maintenance During Winter

The weather might be inclement but it’s not too difficult to give your garden a ‘spring clean’ during the winter months. A few necessary tasks will help to keep your outdoor area looking good before spring arrives.

A few hours over a weekend or two, should be all that’s required to give your garden a mini-face lift during the coldest season.

Some Light Cleaning

A little bit of cosmetic work means sweeping up those paths, clearing the leaves and checking on any structural damage that may have occurred to fences. Bad weather can often blow dirt and debris into your garden, and can also leave greenhouse windows covered with dirt. It doesn’t take much time to sweep paths (including raking up those leaves), repair any damage to fences, or even give them a coat of paint. The winter is also a good time to organize those garden sheds creating plenty of space for those tools and plant pots.

Fallen Leaves are The Enemy

Pests can often hide in leaves and this is one of the major reasons to clear them up as quickly as possible. Leaves that are allowed to lie for months on a lawn can also create bald and discolored patches in the grass, not a good look when spring arrives. If you’ve invested in a leaf blower or vacuum then this job shouldn’t take too long. You can store leaves; they’ll break down over time and provide you with mulch or compost that can then be integrated into your garden soil.

Cut Back The Hedges

A hedge trimmer is a necessary tool if you have large areas to trim, and this job should really be undertaken at the start of the winter season. Pruning scissors are a better option for cutting back overgrown shrubs and the more fragile branches on fruit and rose bushes. Also remember that winter is a good time to spread some mulch around in order to provide nutrition to soil that has become dried out during the winter; it also means you can avoid weeding. But if your soil isn’t completely frozen then try to dig over as much as possible to keep those slugs at bay.

Don’t forget that those outdoor pipes and taps should be fully drained and then lagged as soon as possible during the winter, in case a freeze occurs. All of these simply tasks shouldn’t take much time and you’ll also be getting some fresh air and exercise – your garden will thank you for this ongoing care.

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