Knock Out Rose; Gloriously Great Design Plant

You might be little hesitant to decorate your garden with roses because they are very likely to suffer from diseases and require continuous and extensive care and spraying. However, you should not rule out rose altogether because a relatively new genre of roses introduced in 2000 has garnered special popularity in the world of gardening. Known as Knock out Roses, they are extremely easy to look after and bloom prolifically. This new type of rose has made gardening accessible to even average gardener.

Distinguishing Traits


This rose comes in great medium size making it a perfect flower to be used in many different parts of the garden ranging from borders to containers. The leaves of plant are dark green and flower bloom in pink, yellow and red. The flower might have single or double pallets but the only one that gives fragrance is the Sunny Knock Out. The best thing about these flowers is that you do not need to behead them because they will bloom nearly continuously without removing the fade ones.

How to Use


As discussed above, they are perfect for perennial gardening and containers and will compliment any landscape due to their great medium size. They will also complement other flowering plants elegantly provided you choose those with same water and Sun requirements.

In this regard daylilies and purple cornflowers are perfect spring and summer complements for Knock Outs. If you want to add a non-blooming partner, go for lamb’s ear and nothing can beat Mexican bush sage for autumn companion.

Planting Notes


The planting of Knock Out roses is also very simple. You need to have soft, fertile, loose and well-drained soil and always choose the sunniest site in your garden to plant them. Some of the planting tips are given below.

  • First of all, you need to dig a hole twice as deep and wide as that of container in which your rose has come in, and then gently remove the rose from the pot.
  • Now it is the time to loosen up its roots and place them in the hole, replace soil and tamp down around the base of the plant.
  • Now water it throughout coming days and regularly check the moisture in the soil as your Knock out Roses are establishing and catching roots.

Caring for Knock out Roses


The east to handle and care Knock out Roses is the perfect choice to decorate your garden in style. Following lines contains some tips about how to care for this beautiful plant.

  • Trim Them Shorter

The care for these flowers starts when you bring them home. The shrub will grow to about three foot into three foot with middle sized flowers that will continuously bloom till first frost. You need to prone them down to about two feet in early spring to the size you want them to have in midsummer but never go below 12 inches.

  • Prone throughout the Season

As discussed above, you need to prone the plant before it even emerges out of the ground. Afterwards, you need to prone throughout the season to keep the size manageable that mostly means clipping the stray shoots to keep plant in shape. They are self-cleaning and you need not to behead them during bloom season.

  • Good Sunlight

Knock Out roses require plenty of sunlight just like other species of rose. In addition, the soil should be fertile and well drained. The rose can look bit insipid and unsightly in the winter and therefore it is necessary to plant them close to evergreen plants to benefit from the camouflaging the spare winter appearance of roses in their hibernating stage.

  • General Recommendations

Generally, you should water the plants only at the base and try to keep foliage dry to keep fungal disorders at bay. Furthermore, placing a layer of mulch after first frost will protect the plant form extreme winter conditions. In addition, if you have planted them in pots, take them inside because the tender roots will not survive the harsh conditions.


Knock out Roses can lend elegance and grace to your garden and are very easy to look after as well. Therefore, if you are thinking about a new plant to adorn your landscape, Knock out Rose should be your first option.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.