Lipstick; Love that Really Comes at First Sight

The story of cosmetic products is an old as the first civilizations inhabiting planet earth. It is known that women in primitive times used natural pigments to coloring their lips, as they are pictured in ancient hieroglyphs and papyrus. Lipstick much in the way we know it today probably dates back to no less than 5,000 years ago, based on Sumerian vestiges archaeologists found in the area occupied by old Mesopotamia, corresponding to southern Iran nowadays.


Lipstick and make-up was the signature of Cleopatra, the female pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt era in the year 30 BC, whose beauty has been legendary for thousands of years. Today, women still love to makeup themselves wanting to look like Cleopatra did. However, actual women are no longer wanting to wear as lipstick those primitive pigments obtained by crushing insects, plants or gemstones themselves. They want a modern lipstick, but with countless product brands, decision for one of them is not as easy as a piece of cake.

Modern cosmetic industry produces lipstick using base materials that include natural or cosmetic-grade pigments, wax, oil or a mix of these, alcohol, fragrance, antioxidants and preservatives that go into three separated manufacturing processes, melting and mixing, molding, and labeling and packing. Is in this later stage where the magic of love at first sight may happen. In addition, it is not about adding a secret ingredient to attract a soul mate just by wearing lipstick, but catch the women’s eye releasing the product to the market with an appealing packaging.

There are countless packaging solutions to make your product stand out from the crowd. Originally patented by Helen Neuschaefer in 1952, lipstick cases have evolved throughout time, offering different-shaped lipstick cases and balm jars that can be the ideal packaging for your product without increasing the production costs. AllinPackaging knows the importance of love at first sight when it comes to buying a lipstick, which case drives the attention your product needs to convert it in sales.

As an example, a lip balm transparent round tube with matching cap (code 103982) can be as cheap as £0.1668/pcs when buying 3400-5000 pieces. AllinPackaging offers retail and wholesale discount prices, plus a variety of case colors. If your product targets women with higher purchase power, the lipstick case, black, rounded, ABS+ cap, black, squared, ABS (code 103756), or Lipstick case, black/transparent, square, with cap, ABS+AS (code 103765) make your lipstick look quality and fashionable.

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Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.