Maintaining Your Bespoke Kitchen [Infographics]

Taking the time to plan, choose and purchase a bespoke kitchen can be a very exciting part of moving into a new home or redeveloping an existing one. This infographic outlines Good House Keepings 5 Steps to a Clean Kitchen, Readers Digest Top Tips to Cleaning Kitchen Appliances, Cleaning Kitchen Grease and Grime and DIY Cleaning Products.

‘Good House Keepings 5 Steps to a Clean Kitchen’ include the following: clearing the counters, purging the fridge, skipping the big oven clean out in favour of spot cleaning, using the sink for pots and pans over the dishwasher, and regularly sweeping a mop over the floors.

‘Readers Digest Top Tips to Cleaning Kitchen Appliances’ outline how to effectively and easily clean a microwave oven, how to disinfect a garbage disposal, cleaning out a blender, how to replenish the oil back onto cast iron pans, clearing out a coffee grinder and the best way to remove tiny items of food from a cheese grater.

‘Cleaning Kitchen Grease and Grime,’ is one of the ultimate kitchen nightmares. The infographic contains a DIY tutorial which lists the items needed and a ‘how-to’ set of instructions for cleaning stoves, cabinets, kitchen hoods and appliances. It also includes a tip on how to use grease to actually remove grease.

For more eco conscious, this inforgraphic looks at the DIY cleaning product options available using simple ‘around-the-house’ products. Specific items that are usually consumed as food, such as salt and lemons, are paired up to show how they can be used to clean particular items like kitchen counters, windows and mirrors, ovens, plus porcelain and tile.

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