Pillows are for More Than Just the Bedroom

You may think that when it comes to decorating your home with pillows, you are reserved to just the bedroom and guest bedroom. However, designers have been working hard to help you expand your pillow usage, even outside the living room couch. You just might be surprised to know that pillows make great accents in almost every room of your house.

Many call them throw pillows, probably because you can throw them anywhere and they’ll look fun. When picking the right pillows for whatever area of your home, look for colors that mesh with your current furniture decor, but have different hues and designs so they add to the room not just blend in with it.

Pillows the Old Way

Yes, pillows can still add some whimsy and drama to your bedroom decor, and they can even make great accent pieces on the couch. Try to expand their uses in the rooms to bedroom chair and settees and other living room furniture.

Think of throw pillows as a simple and effective way to bring your room into style. The uses are endless and so are the designs.

If you are in a household with children you can even strategically place some pillows around floor areas of the home where kids can enjoy their comfort while playing games. There are plenty of fun throw pillow designs out their perfect for little ones of all sizes.

Pillows the New Way

There isn’t much use for pillows in the kitchen unless your kitchen and dining room are connected. One perfect place to add decorative pillows in your dining area is to your breakfast nook. If you have bench seating of any kind in your dining area, this is an ideal place for some pretty pillows.

Don’t just keep them confined in the house, covered patios and indoor sunrooms are also excellent homes for all sorts of decorative throw pillows.

While you’re at it, include some in your entryway if you have any kind of seating there. This adds to the inviting nature of your home.

HGTV has a wonderful gallery of throw pillows that shows ways that you can add color and whimsy to any room, from the most minimalistic design to something fun and flirty. The more pillows the merrier, as long as you look for colors that agree with one another. Try different shapes, designs and fabrics to really make them stand out.

If an overabundance of throw pillows really isn’t your thing, you can still use this easy room accent trick, just use less of them. Even two throw pillows on a couch can help bring out the focal point of your room. You never know, you may love the two so much that you decide to start adding more!

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.