Points To Consider While Choosing a Nursery Wall Decal

Are you expecting the arrival of new member in your house? Are you wondering how to change the interiors walls of your house in order to give it a fresh look? Rather than just painting the walls of your house using of nursery wall decals will give a bright look to the walls of your baby’s room. Choosing a specific wall decal from a wide range can be a very stressful job. Below have been discussed some of the points that you should analyze while choosing a wall decal for your baby’s nursery.

Determine Your Budget

Before starting to shop for the wall decals, it will be wise for you to determine your specific budget. Even though wall decals are cheaper but assembling different types of wall decals for your baby’s room may cost huge amount of money. If you are planning to paint the walls before applying the decals then make sure to add the cost of painting in your budget.

What Is The Age Of Your Child?

This is also a vital point that you should consider while applying the wall decals. If you are planning to decorate the room of a toddler then you can choose a specific color and theme according to your choice. But if it’s for a child who is little bit older then it will be wise for you to take his / her view while choosing a wall decal.

Where Should Be The Decals Placed?

Placing of the decals is also a vital point that should be analyzed. If you are planning to place a wall decal in the room of a toddler then make sure to prevent selecting the side of the walls that are nearer to the bed because your child can damage or peel off the wall decal. On other hand if your child is little bit older then make sure to choose the side of wall that will give a fresh look to the specific room.

Consider About Themes

The wall decals come in various types of themes. Generally small children get excited with the themes of animals or flowers. If your child loves a specific animal then make sure to place the wall decal of that specific animal in his/ her room. Some popular themes of wall decals are-

  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Vehicles

Determine the Favorite Things

You must also have a conversation with your child to determine the things that he will be willing to see every day in his room. If your child is able to share his likeness then make sure to place the specific wall decal in his room.

Choosing the Colors

The wall decals are available in various combinations of colors. Make sure to choose a color of wall decal that will be contrasting to the wall color of the room. For instance if the wall color of the room is towards the darker side then make sure to select a light colored wall decal. This will provide a distinct look to the wall decal.

These are some of the vital points that you must consider while placing a wall decal in the room of your child. Dandelion wall decal can also be the best option to make the room of your child colorful and playful.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.