Pros and Cons of Living in a Retirement Village

Pros and Cons of Living in a Retirement Village

If you are about to retire or in retirement, then you will obviously be thinking about where you plan to spend the rest of your life. There are many options when it comes to choosing retirement homes so it can be a tough decision to make.

Make sure you take the time to discuss with family and friends about whether you want to live in a retirement village or you prefer to live with either of them. There are many retirement homes for sale Highfields but it’s vital not to rush with the first option that comes to your mind.

Read below to know about the pros and cons of living in a retirement village.

Pros of Living in a Retirement Village

  • Save money on living expenses: Many singles and couples over 60 prefer to downsize and move into smaller accommodation as it can be easier to manage and take care. Moving into a retirement is a great option as there are many different sized houses available. You could choose one depending on your lifestyle and financial status.
  • Save time on chores: When you live in a retirement village, you will save time on doing many things like cleaning, gardening and home maintenance. You can opt to call for help whenever you can’t handle them on your own and be free to do other things which interest you.
  • Onsite skilled nursing care: After a certain age, your body is not as healthy as it once used to be so therefore you might find that you require medical care on a regular basis. When you are part of a retirement community or village, these amenities are right next door and can be accessed at any time.
  • Social activities: Retirement villages can be a great way to meet other retirees and have friendships that would not be possible normally. You can even take part in fun events and concerts and have movie nights.

Cons of Living in a Retirement Village

  • More expensive: If you are not financially stable and don’t have enough savings, opting for a retirement village might not be the best option as they can cost a lot as they come included with many things like furnished apartments, on call services and extra entertainment. You are better off downsizing to a smaller property or living with a close relative or friend.
  • Less independence: If you crave the peace and quiet that comes with having your own place then a retirement village might suit you as they are more towards people who enjoy socialising and making new friends.
  • No kids around: If you are used to living in a household with kids or have lived with neighbours who have young kids then living in a retirement village might be a new experience as most of the residents have to be a certain age and you are unlikely to find any youngsters running about.
  • Not the right time: If you feel that you are still quite active and have a healthy lifestyle then you might not feel right about moving into a retirement village as it more for the elderly and those who are unable to take care of themselves without extra assistance.

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