Protecting Your Home from the Small Invasion

Pest control is a problem for many home owners, and everyone has their own ways of dealing with the issue. From home made remedies passed down the generations, to hi tech contraptions that would make even the toughest termite think twice about invading your home.

Professional pest control companies like Eco Concepts Termite & Pest Control are one way to go, but very often prevention is much better than cure.

Whether your problem pests are termite or raccoon sized, there are steps that you can take to keep them away from your property.

brown-ratImage Credit: Flickr

The Natural Method is Often the First Choice for Many Homeowners

Nobody likes harming animals, especially when their only crime is doing what comes naturally. More natural methods of prevention are the preferred option for many and these can include:

  • Put all of your food scraps in the trash, if you can’t put them in the dog and make sure you wash all pots properly and wipe down your sides. This simple act can help put off rats and mice.
  • Make sure your trash actually goes into the trash can. Although larger animals can get knock them over, they can deter slightly smaller pests like foxes and even cats.
  • You may be wondering why bother putting food waste in with the rubbish when larger animals are out at night. Help mask tasty smells by wrapping scraps in paper first.
  • Your bathroom areas should remain spotless, making sure that everything exactly as it should.

These tips can help keep pests and vermin out of your trash and your home, but the ideal is keeping them out of your garden entirely. This can be achieved quite simply:

  • Coffee. It helps get us ready for the day ahead but the average garden nuisance hates the stuff. It is widely known that coffee grounds are great for your plants but slugs really don’t like it. Slugs not your primary concern? Cat’s are not exactly fond of the black nectar either, and nor is the average garden invading deer.
  • Do you know what larger pests like deer, rabbits and raccoons don’t like? Being eaten. Nothing short of a rabbit proof fence is guaranteed to keep larger pests out, unless you count scaring the life out of them. If an animal can detect scents normally associated with danger, that critter is staying away from your home.
  • Nobody is suggesting that you wait near a watering hole, waiting for a lion with a glass jar in hand. There are other things you can do though. Predator urine is just one ‘danger’ smell. Blood is another. If you can scatter bloodmeal around the boundary of your garden, you will be creating a natural barrier. Plus, it’s great for the soil too.

If all else fails and you end up being invaded, by termites for example, there a number of self defence measures that you can take. As with anything else though, make sure you seek the advice of a professional before handling any chemicals or traps if it comes to that.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.