Role of Product Packaging in the Success of the Business

Role of Product Packaging in the Success of the Business

Researches have proven that 90% of the consumers rarely read what’s written on the product they buy. Most of the consumers prefer a product having a color or shape that appeals to the human mind. The importance of packaging in the process of product distribution is inevitable. Creative designs on the product packaging can be applied to attracting the attention of the customers. Not only that, the product must have a strong identity for delivering the promise for the consumers to repurchase the product in the near future.

Five Important Things Product Packaging Must Promise

  1. The orientation of the packaging must be loud to stand out of others. It must communicate the significance of the product and instructions for its use.
  2. It is often seen that simple packaging is more effective. Visual appeal matters a lot and visually soothing packaging are often more appealing than the complicated designs.
  3. One of the main ingredients that people often look in a packaging is the brand name. This often keeps consumers stuck to the product for years. Your brand has an iconic connection with the packaging of the product.
  4. Packaging distinguishes your product from the competitors in the market. So it must be attractive and at the same time must have different concepts and designs applied to it to offer it a brand identity.
  5. Apparently, packaging promotes your product. People recognize your product in the market from its packaging, and it is the first and last thing people look for when out to shop for it.

Though packaging is one of the important aspects in the world of marketing, the fact cannot be denied that it cost only 10%-15% of the retail price of the product. The margin of price may increase or decrease depending upon the nature of the product of the seller. Food product dealers might be spending only 10% after its packaging while electronic item dealers might be spending around 30% – 40% after its packaging.

Feature of A Good Packaging

  • It must be neat and must be done with care for offering protection to the product from any damages.
  • It should be waterproof, tamper proof and environment-friendly.
  • It should be functionally done to surpass the pressure of shipping and transportation.
  • It should be easy to open.
  • It should be designed by keeping in mind your target consumer. Know your market and then implement the designs for packaging accordingly.
  • It must stand out from your competitors product and must have a brand identity.

The trend in packaging is ever changing. It is important to keep abreast with the changing trends in the market to surpass the pressure of competition in the market.


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