Should Your Remodel Your Home Before Selling?

There’s a lot to potential gain or lose when buying or selling houses, which is why the smart money goes on doing research and taking the path that makes the most practical sense. And even though moving is often an emotional process, it really does make sense to step back and think about that hard data each step of the way, especially when it comes to a decision like remodeling your home before selling it.

Consider the variables at hand, by going over concepts like looking at the bigger picture, keeping timing in mind, do a cost-benefit analysis per projects, talking to potential new owners about details, and speaking with real estate agents.

Look At the Bigger Picture

When it comes to remodeling a home, particular right before re-selling, your best option is always going to be looking at the bigger picture first. Think of all the ways that you could get caught up in details, either by looking too closely at details, or making decisions based on old data, or listening to people who aren’t involved in the sale or transaction process, or even just moving through your old emotional baggage attached to the home. You might think a more visible area would be more important, but would remodeling the basement make more fiscal sense? If the numbers in don’t match the numbers out when it comes to timing and finance, all that extra anxiety and worry will be for nothing.

Think About the Timing

And timing is extremely important when it comes to remodeling before selling. When are the best seasons to sell homes in your area? How long will the remodel take? When are you supposed to be moving out? If the answers to those questions don’t match up, then you should reconsider the remodeling process before you even get started on the planning stage.

Do a Cost Benefit Per Project

There also the matter of cost and benefit per project. If you want to remodel the bathroom, how much will it cost? And how much is that going to increase the cost of the house to a new buyer? Go through those numbers for every single project – think kitchen, basement, insulation, etc. – and if they don’t add up, just don’t bother doing them.

Talk To Potential New Owners

And if you already have some people interested in your home, there’s no harm in asking them what type of remodeling they themselves expect to be doing. How unfortunate would it be if you remodeled your kitchen, only to find out that either the new owners are going to remodel again, or even worse, wanted it the way it was!

Speak With Real Estate Agents

And real estate agents can help you out a ton when it comes to making the remodel decision as well. Even with a limited amount of information, they can tell you within their experience if the right mixture of time, money, and new infrastructure are going to move the process in the right direction.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.