Simple And Easy Decor Tips That Make A Difference

We all want beautiful houses and this agenda is never given up on since constant updates are required to satisfy changes in taste and trends. Revamping a the interior can be quite expensive but to give a simple kick to it some simple ideas can be followed which will show amazing results, this will save on the cost as well as efforts but make your house look gorgeous and stylish.

Hang a Shelf


Shelves can be added to any empty wall and if done creatively they can also greatly add to the decor as well as provide storage space for books or to showcase prized items and even canvas picture frames. Colour them according to the theme of the room. For extra focus add a few spotlights on top! For innovation bring in an innovative shelf such as in a wave or circle, simple straight shelves can be grouped together also for a unique effect.

Bring in a Rug


To completely change the look of the floor new marble or tiles is not required; simply cover it up with a stunning rug. Apart from change, rugs add beauty and elegance to the decor, for a funky look bring in a bright coloured rug for a sophisticated yet comfortable look bring in a beige coloured soft, furry rug. Survey various types of rugs before deciding on the best one for yourself.

Do Something Unexpected


A solid coloured lamp in a black and white room or small antique chandelier in the bathroom is quite an unexpected object for the current room setting. Try it or something similar and you won’t be sorry, the unexpected part won’t look odd but would jump out to give a spectacular look to the room. More ideas include painting the inside of the closet; whenever it is opened to take out dishes in the kitchen or to hang coats at the entrance the pop of colour will never fail to be a delight.

Play with the Ceiling


The usual focus is on the main four walls of the room and the fifth wall on top of us is left unnoticed, there is no harm in that but the fifth wall can be quite advantageous if you prefer to add something different to a decor. A simple room with plain and colourful coloured walls and a bright coloured roof such as bright pink will allow the colour to shine throughout the room but in a mellow way, when looked up the uniqueness of the coloured ceiling will prove to be fascinating. Ceilings can also be decorated with patters. A child’s room can have glow in the dark stars on top or canvas prints of fun cartoon characters. Its can make great difference for home decorating and over all home location purposes.

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