Styling Your Home with Occasional Furniture

When it comes to home styling, most people tend to focus on the decor or on items used on a daily basis. Yet giving consideration to items of furniture that are not used all the time can help transform a room into a stylish interior, adding the finishing touches to a particular style or theme that you want to create.

What is Occasional Furniture?

This type of furniture is called occasional furniture, because it is only used when required, but can often serve more than one purpose or need. Every home will have items of occasional furniture in it. Items that fall into this category include coffee tables, nest of tables, lamps, bookcases, TV units, console tables, nightstands, chests and office furniture, for instance.

Occasional furniture usually comprises small items that can easily be rearranged to suit different purposes. There are a huge variety of styles of occasional furniture to choose from, to suit all ranges of budgets and to fit in with different design themes in the home. Occasional furniture can be constructed from a range of materials, including glass, metal, wood and plastic.


Styling with Occasional Furniture

As well as being practical and functional, such as serving to store or place items, occasional furniture can be used to cement a particular style or theme to a room. Just because the piece of furniture is small, does not mean that it can’t be used as a statement piece or as a focal point of a room.

When deciding on choosing your occasional furniture, naturally you will want to select items for the home that serve a practical purpose to suit your individual needs. If you have a large, open living room with spaced out seating, then you might prefer opting for a nest of coffee tables, rather than one single coffee table, for example. Think about what you do in the home and how occasional furniture can meet your needs. If you enjoy watching movies, then an entertainment unit may be useful. For bookworms, a storage unit such as large bookshelf will make a practical item of furniture to have in the home. Choose a style to complement the rest of the room, whether you opt for a glass or metal piece of furniture for a contemporary feel or a distressed wooden item for a vintage look. Shape of furniture should also be taken into account.

Where to Find Occasional Furniture

There are lots of places that sell items of occasional furniture. If you are seeking inspiration, then browse through interior design magazines or scour the internet. According to The Telegraph ( the internet is a great design resource for anyone seeking interiors inspiration.

Second-hand stores and flea markets can also often throw up unusual finds that would make great occasional pieces of furniture, so don’t be afraid to salvage any unwanted items that could turn into treasured pieces for the home.

Many high street stores and speciality shops are good places to find home items, such as occasional furniture at Forrest Furnishing or other home furnishing stores. Lots of stores have an online service, so that you can purchase items even if you can’t visit the store in person.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.